The 15 Best Albums of 2007

In a Very Particular Order

The Best 15 Albums of this past year are counted down in this video:

There were a lot of great albums in 2007 so there was alot to choose from for the countdown.

In addition to those 15 gems, here are some additional "Best Of"s for 2007:

Best New Band:

Black Kids
Best B-Side:

The Indelicates - Point Me to the West

Best Festival:

Coachella '07 with Interpol/Bjork



Best Concert:

Patrick Wolf at The Troubadour

Best Bets for 08:

Morrissey- Untitled
The Indelicates - American Demo
The Cure - Wilshire 
Teenagers - Reality Check
Felt Tips - Untitled
For a Felt Tips inspired video check out: