Kana Attacks! - Instructions
  Defend your city from the evil kana invaders!




Day Saver

Kana Attacks!

Older Programs

    To play Kana Attacks! is very simple. First you must choose the kana you would like to practice. To fly your ship simply press the 'left' and 'right' arrow keys to move left and right. Press the 'space' bar to prepare your arufabetto laser. You will then see your target in your crosshairs for a brief moment. Type in its romaji equivalent to aim and press 'enter' to fire. Try to type fast though. Your score per hit increases with the speed you type in the Romaji equivalent. You are also penalized for wrong answers (-100 pts), letting the Kana hit your city (-300 pts) or pausing (-100) by pressing the pause button or clicking out of the Kana Attacks! window. The game is over after three increasingly difficult rounds, or every building in your city is destroyed.