Day Saver - Instructions
  Tell your boss you are busy updating all the computers for DST 2007 and take the day off.




Day Saver

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   Instructions -  It is extremely easy to use Day Saver. First, just select whether you would like to update just the computer you are using, one remote computer, or several  remote computers. If you are updating the Daylight Savings time information for DST 2007, you may leave all the Time Zone information as is, as it is the defaults. Enter a username and password for someone who is an administrator on all of your machines, as well as their domain. You may also add as many other commands as you want to run in the bottom box so you can use this same tool to do all your DST updates, i.e. Java, MS Office, etc. Once you have everything all set just click run.

Your users will notice the Time Zone control panel applet pop up for a split second, but this is normal, and should not affect them while they are working (even if they are typing a sentence or something at the time).

If your personal software firewall (i.e. ZoneAlarm) complains about Day Saver using the internet, let it do it. This program requires use of your network to connect to remote machines, it does not send any information to anyone on the internet. It still uses the network even when updating the computer it is run on, because it loops back to itself.

 **NOTE** I cannot confirm that this will update Win 9x, ME or NT machines as I don't have any to test, but it should. If you try to update one of these machines, please let me know!



Techy stuff - This program simply makes a few registry changes depending on operating system (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TimeZones for Win9x-ME or HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\TimeZones for all other Windows Versions) and  Time Zone settings from a  remote computer. It will do a loopback even when updating the computer it is run on. Then it uses PSExec to start the DaySaverRemote program on the client computer. This program simply opens and closes the Time Zone control panel applet to actually update the DST info, then will run any number of commands you have told it to (i.e. other DST patches). It then creates an HTML report of all computers it updated or tried to update and displays it.