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  Tell your boss you are busy updating all the computers for DST 2007 and take the day off.




Day Saver

Kana Attacks!

Older Programs

Download Day Saver here. If you want, you may download it without an installer, as it is fully portable (meaning it can run off a USB flash drive or floppy disk) and does not save any settings to the registry or host computer. You may also download the full source (written in AutoIT3) if you would like.

Use at your own risk, the author cannot be held responsible for possible failures, crashes, and any other problems arising out of the program's usage (however this is very improbable).

Day Saver 1.5

Outlook DST Fix

This is just a quick something I made to update your Outlook for the DST change. I just compiled the Microsoft fix (TZMove) with the Microsoft C Runtimes. When run it will run in quiet mode (no user prompts). This will not accept any commandline parameters. To run it with Day Saver simply put it somewhere on your network where everyone will have access to it and put something like \\server\path\OutlookDSTFix.exe (using full server paths, not mapped drive letters) in the extra commands box.