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  Tell your boss you are busy updating all the computers for DST 2007 and take the day off.




Day Saver

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    Having trouble with DST 2007, the new Daylight Savings Time change? Pre-Windows Vista machines  need to be updated to handle it. XP can update from Automatic Updates, but what pre-XP machines? Microsoft's answer is to run a DST editor on EACH machine! This is why Day Saver can save an average admin with 50 or more pre-XP PCs on his/her network an entire day of manually updated each machine with Microsoft's utility TZEdit. Day Saver is able to update daylight savings time information on your entire network at once, all from your desk. When it's done it will even give you a full printable report. Talk about easy. *NOTE* Major update, please do not use v 1.0 and download the newest version, 1.5. If you have already run v 1.0 you will need to run v 1.5. 

**POSSIBLE BUG* * - There have been a couple reports of this program deleting the Eastern Time Zone when run against a Windows 2003 Server. Please be weary when running this on a Windows 2003 Server until this possible bug has been fixed.  If this happens, you can download the TZEdit tool from Microsoft to fix this here (Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003) or here (Windows 95, 98, or ME).




  • Adaptable, meaning you can use it for whatever DST change there is, although the changes for DST2007 are the defaults
  • Should update the DST for Win 9x*, ME*, NT, 2000, 2003 or XP. (Vista not supported, I am not sure what would happen if it was run on a Vista machine. Vista has the updated DST info anyway.)
  • You can update the computer the program is run on
  • You can update just a single remote computer
  • You can update a list of computers (stored as a csv file in the program folder, so you can easily export a computer list from Excel or Access)
  • You can update an IP range
  • Full printable report once complete 
  • You may add as many other commands as you want to run on each computer (i.e. other DST patches) 


To run this you will need administrative rights on all computers you want to update and they must have remote registry enabled.
      *Windows 9x and ME compatability not yet confirmed. I do not have any 9x or ME machines to test on. If you would like to test it on them please let me know,