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  Photo by TBO staff photographer

   Johnnie Walker plays his tenor saxophone at Centro Ybor 
   as the Sant' Yago Illuminated Knight Parade makes its way
   down 7th Avenue in Ybor City. Walker is a street performer
   whom came out around 6 p.m. for the parade.
                              JASON BEHNKEN/The Tampa Tribune

Hi! Thanks, for visiting my personal page. Enjoy your brousing. I appreciate your support. And, I hope to see you around.  

Johnnie performs after a show, outside the David A. Straz, Jr. Center For The Performing Arts, formerly named the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, with the downtown Tampa Skyline over his shoulder.
                                            Photo by: Audrey Bost


Johnnie, w/ tenor sax, and Emo, w/ clarinet, jam outdoors after Emo's appearance at The Tampa Improv Comedy Club, in Ybor City. Johnnie says; "Emo is a funny comedian, and a great clarinet player!"
                                               Photo by: Joe Citro

Johnnie performs for the fans at a NYY Spring Training game.                                
                                                        Photo by: Chip Grimm

Busker Festivals:

 1st Annual Centro Ybor Carnivale/ Buskerfest
Johnnie was listed as the events tenor saxophonist street performer. 

2nd Annual Centro Ybor Carnivale/ Buskerfest

Although not included in the program, Johnnie performed during   and in conjunction with Buskerfest. as Johnnie was Centro Ybor's regular "on site" street performer, at the time.

Media /PR:

On August 18, 2003   
  Johnnie was featured in the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper article:
"Tampa laws give street musicians the blues" 

On August 17, 2003 
  Johnnie was featured in the St. Petersburg Times Online article:
"Tampa laws give street musicians the blues"

On September 23/24,1992

Johnnie was the street performer photographed, on the front page of the UIT in Amsterdam, a Dutch newspaper, in a related article about the outdoor scene in Amsterdam, Holland, entitled:

" Rembrandtplein maakt 'come-back' "


        Posted: In Memory of James Peterson (1937-2010)

  Johnnie performs on alto sax for blues recording artist, singer & guitarist, James Peterson at the Blues Ship, located on 7th Ave, in Ybor City, in 1990. Johnnie sat in regularly with James Peterson, and other local blues artists who performed at the Blues Ship, while he was studying music at HCC's Ybor City Campus. 
  "Peterson was a "true" blues musician and showman, and he knew how to wow the crowd. And, I am proud to have known and performed with him."

 paper framed photo: given to Johnnie by a fan 
after the show, as a token of appreciation 

Busker Johnnie's

UPDATES: "Here's Johnnie...!"
2013 Marks "busker Johnnie's" 14th Consecutive Season! 

   Johnnie performs at venues around the Tampa Bay area, and is member of two local community bands. 
Johnnie is also Tampa's first "professional" street performing saxophonist. 
  Johnnie began "busking," playing for tips, on Franklin St. Mall in downtown Tampa in 1990, on an alto sax and flute, in front of the historic Tampa Theater & outside the entrance to CDB's Uptown, an Italian restaurant, once situated on the 2nd floor of a two story commercial building across, and down, from the Tampa Theater, now the location of a parking lot on Franklin St. Mall. 
   Today, Johnnie is in two bands, the Fanfare Concert Winds, a 40 piece, community concert/pops band and the Tampa Community Band, another local 40 piece non-for-profit pops band
   Johnnie has acted in local college productions and worked as an  "uncredited"; extra, photo double, and driver, in major motion pictures in Miami, Tampa, and St. Petersburg, Florida, including; "Cop & A Half", "Coupe De Ville", and "There's Something About Mary", to name a few.
   In addition, Johnnie has worked in television in Miami and St. Petersburg, and has freelanced in the industry, most recently through HSN, as a free lance, PA - for a product vendor on live shows at HSN, in 2001. Johnnie later appeared in WTOG -UPN 44's "Just Doin It" promotions campaign as an On-Air Interstitial Hosr, announcing upcoming programming.
   Johnnie is now producing his own original music and video projects, and remains focused on growing his business and improving upon his talents! 

 Latest Updates:

(Aug 2013) 

Johnnie is close to completing his 2nd Electronic Ambient music cd!

 Johnnie has now completed 8 of the 9 tracks that will be his 2nd Electronic Ambient music project. The title of the cd has not been decided, as Johnnie has solicited the talents of a renowned artist, who lives in Tampa, to do his cover art, and will wait and confer with the artist, before making a decision! It is hoped that this second cd will be made available for purchase on iTunes, once he figures out the details, etc...  

Johnnie has sold 43 of his original debut,"Florida Summer - an electronic music project" cds to date! 

So far, feedback on the CD has been complimentary and favorable! The cd features 8 tracks in all. 5 tracks are original tunes by Johnnie, while the other 3 tracks are borrowed, with permission, from a 2012 "Manic Organica" CD, three tracks featuring Johnnie as a soloist. "Shoes" features Johnnie on tenor sax, the two other tracks feature Johnnie soloing on flute. There are no vocal tracks of Johnnie on this particular CD . Although, Johnnie is featured as a vocalist on a few of Manic Organica's cds!

(Jan 2013)

Check out my: ":60 Eco Spot" submission on Current TV, before the Al Jazeera Network, which recently acquired the network, pulls it down.

Also, if you are in a critiquing mood, and you have a minute or two on your hands, then please, feel free to watch the :60 second Eco Spot, I produced, for Current TV, and critique it. Just follow the link on Johnnie's Favorite Links page, to the Current TV website and cast your vote and/or write your critique of the short. I welcome the feed back. Thanks!

(Feb 2011)

Johnnie's gig dates are posted on MySpace!

 *And, for "live music" lovers, please, check out Johnnie's MySpace page link. Click on the link located on "Johnnie's Links" page, to get the latest band gig dates, performance times, an locations. 
  And, I just want to remind everyone, that all Fanfare Concert Winds performances are free and open to the general public, as well as, most Tampa Community Band performances.  
  So, I hope you will check out the band's upcoming dates, and that I will see at one of our next performances.


Blvd. Jazz Orchestra musicians unexpectedly, recorded for a "We"TV, "Bridezilla's" episode!

 No matter, the Blvd.Jazz Orchestra looked good on cable!

   Although, WE Television agreed via email response, to "blur" and "not show" Blvd. Jazz Orchestra musicians, who requested not to appear, in the "Bridezillas" episode, that aired on April 2009, the musicians were broadcast as taped! Johnnie, center, standing, takes a solo during the taping of the BJO gig, in January of 2009.