You can say that almost every sport is played in San Diego. The weather is nice enough to go out and surf, play football, soccer, basketball, etc. It does not snow in San Diego, but you can still find places like ice rinks where they play hockey, and other winter games. So do not think that you will not be able to find any winter sports here, because it might not snow in San Diego, but we still have the essentials to create an environment that can be ideal for the winter sport.

You can find leagues of various sports in San Diego. Whether it is a weekday or weekend, you will most likely find your favorite sport being played somewhere in San Diego. In my case, I play soccer on weekdays and weekends. One of the ways I found out about the leagues I play in is by my dad, because one of his friends has a team in one of the leagues I play in. as for the other leagues, I found out by friends I play with.