Career Interest Inventory

Go to and check the boxes for the interests you like to do at this point. Click Go when you are finished. You will find a summary of your interest areas with associated careers. Scroll down to the highest interest score you received. You will see a brief list of related career clusters. Complete the following activity today. You will want to keep track of the answers as you go in a Yahoo email. This activity is worth 20 points.
(Highest Score Group)
  1. Name of Related Career Cluster
  2. What are three careers in this cluster?
  3. Choose one career (tell me what it is) and click on it.
  4. What are the wages for this career?
  5. What is the employment outlook for this career?
  6. What is the education and training needed for this career?
  7. What are the skills needed?
  8. What are the tools and technology used in this career?
  9. Take the ISEEK Skills Assessment.

BONUS: 5 points - If you make an account today and forward me the confirmation email, you will get 5 points.

  1.     What did the results reveal about you?
  2.     What are three jobs that match your preferred skills?
  3.     Choose ONE job on this list. Write the job you chose.
  4.     Click on the Skills Match Up link under the job.
  5.     How do your skills match with the job?
  6.     What surprised you about the skills assessment?
BONUS: 5 points
Write a paragraph, today, of three sentences which describes how these two assessment tools helped you understand your career interest better.