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mlox is now in Beta!
mlox is a tool for analyzing and sorting your plugin load order.

It runs on a simple little rule-based engine with a small set of rules that specify the order, conflict and pre-requisite relationships between your plugins.


  • runs on Windows or Linux :)
  • optimally reorders your load order to avoid known problems, where "optimally" is relative to the quality and coverage of the rule-base. (Currently the rule-base still needs some work, of course).
  • warns about missing pre-requisites
  • warns about plugin conflicts
  • prints notes for things you might want to know about a mod, but were too lazy to read the Readme, or even find the info in some post somewhere in the Internets :)
  • user customizable via a rules file. Just create an mlox_user.txt in your mlox directory, and start adding your own rules.
  • can also check someone else's load list from a file: " -wf Morrowind.ini" (or just paste the list of plugins into the Active plugins pane of the GUI. mlox understands the format of the [Game Files] section of Morrowind.ini, as well as the output of Wrye Mash and Reorder Mods++)
The Alpha was all about making the application correct and useful. The Beta will be all about improving the quality and coverage of the rule-base.

If mlox appeals to you and if you can help contribute to the rule-base, please send your contributions to me, and I'll post a new rule-base as soon as I can.

Your feedback is appreciated.