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Morrowind Mods

[Everything on this page is released in the Public Domain]

JMS-springheel_boots-0.2.7z (Readme) (Download 2.5MB)

This very tiny mod introduces the Boots of Springheel Jack, which allow you to get around by jumping, as an alternative to using the Boots of Blinding Speed and/or Levitation. New in Version 0.2: mid-air-boost feature that allows you to jump farther while in mid-air by holding down the sneak key after you jump.

JMS-ring_of_mojo-0.1.7z (Readme) (Download)

This mod puts a ring in your pocket right after chargen (or after it's loaded), and when the ring is equipped, it boosts your stats and gives you some handy spells and whatnot. I use it for testing mods.

Arktwend Stuff:

Arktwend English (Morrowind Nexus) -
a Total Conversion for Morrowind

TAO - The Arktwend Overhaul
(Morrowind Nexus) - Additional content for Arktwend

Bug fixes/Patches

CreaturesX-jms_patch-0.2 (Readme) (Download)

This is a patch for PirateLord's Creatures X. Fixes spiders giving error messages about bad parameters for spell effects. And fixes Centurion Archers dropping too many dwarven darts.

Suran_Underworld_2.5-jms_patch-0.1.7z (Readme) (Download)

This is a compatibility patch for Suran Underworld and White Wolf of Lokken to work around an overlapping dialog problem that prevents Ylarra from giving the topic "rescue me" when you talk to her in her cell in Chiraden.

dh_furn-jms_patch-0.2.7z (Readme) (Download)

This mod patches "Dave Humphrey's Furniture 2.01" mod to avoid crashing when repurchasing items from a furniture vendor.

Vampire_Embrace-jms_combat_bite_patch-0.2.7z (Readme) (Download)

This is a patch for "Vampire Embrace 2.4" for people who have difficulties performing the "combat bite" maneuver on enemies due to the GetSoundPlaying function not working correctly on their systems.

MultiMark-jms_patch-0.2.7z (Readme) (Download)

This mod makes a small patch to Marcel Hesselbarth's fine "Multiple Teleport Marking Mod v2.2", to fix the problem I was having with missing and duplicate location entries on the Teleport Menu.

JMS-shishi_door_fix-0.3.7z (Readme) (Download)

Fixes the platform that reveals the hidden door in Shishi, so that when it's lowered, it stays lowered. Also adds ability to re-raise the platform.

MTT_IV_Master-jms_patch-0.2.7z (Readme) (Download)

Fix for a fix for a fix to "MTT IV Beta" (Magical Trinkets of Tamriel IV Beta, by Chris Woods). Read the included Readme, but in short, my fix to remove an unwanted, and apparently inadvertently introduced, dependency in a fix to remove the deprecated AddToLevItem function, for a fix to reduce the amount of trinkets in bandit loot. I've also added a couple very small other fixes, such as a fog bug fix, and a typo fix.

BT_Whitewolf_2_0-jms_patch-0.1.7z (Readme) (Download)

In the Main Quest for the "White Wolf of Lokken V2.0" when you need to get a key from Agnete in the Castle Trophy Room, if Agnete refuses to talk further or give the key, this fix may help you get past that point in the quest. Readme also includes alternate instructions on how you might be able to proceed using the console. (I believe the problem may only happen when also using the Vampire Embrace plugin).

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