Syllabus for M408K Summer 2011

M408K Summer 2011

Instructor: John Meth
Office: RLM 13.140
Office Hours: TBD
Class Times: MW 10:00AM-11:30AM   PHR 2.110;  TTH 10:00AM-11:00AM   PHR 2.110
Text: Calculus by Stewart, 6th Edition, Thomson (you must have this edition for the class)
Web Page:

  • Policy: Put your unique number in the subject of any e-mail you send me, or I may not respond to it. If I have addressed the issue in your e-mail in the syllabus or via a post on Quest, I may not respond to your e-mail. Any class e-mails I send are sent through Quest. You are responsible for making sure your e-mail address on Quest is correct. I can not do this for you.
  • Description of Policy: Since I receive so many e-mails, I may not be able to answer all of them. I will answer those that follow the policy listed above.
  • If you have been dropped from the class for some reason, please consult an academic advisor.
  • Policy: No calculators may be used during exams.
  • If you wish to drop the class but are unsure about the procedure or any deadlines, please consult an academic advisor. I will sign drop slips anytime that is an option for you.
  • Policy: The plus/minus option for grading will not be used in this class. Exams are worth 90% (described below). Homework is worth 10% (described below).
  • Policy: I will not discuss a hypothetical curve for the class. I will not try to determine your final grade before you finish the class. I will not help you figure out what you need to make on an exam in order to make a certain grade in the class.
  • Description of Policy: It is unlikely that any grade will be curved. You are guaranteed the standard grade (90% and above is an A, 80% and above is a B, 70% and above is a C, 60% and above is a D, below 60% is an F). Any curve will be decided at the end of the semester, after all grades have been calculated. It will be based on the overall performance of your class. Since I do not know what the curve will be, I will not discuss it. I also can not help you figure out what you need to make on the final in order to make a certain final grade, since I do not know what the curve will be.
Homework will be worth 10% of your final grade. Most homework assignments will be through Quest, an online homework server. Some homework will be from the book, and will be graded by hand. I will refer to this as written homework. There will be roughly 2 Quest homeworks a week, and 1 written homework a week.

Quest homework is worth 8% of your final grade. All answers and grades will be returned via the Web also using Quest. It will be due Tuesday at 11:58 pm and Thursday at 11:58 pm.

Written homework is worth 2% of your final grade. These will be turned in during TA sections and returned during TA sections.  It will be due Thursday at the beginning of your TA section, or in class before an exam if there is an exam on that Thursday.

  • Policy: No late homework will be accepted. Your three lowest Quest homeworks will be dropped. Your two lowest written homeworks will be dropped.
  • Description of Policy: If it were up to me, I would only drop homeworks for valid reasons (being ill, in an accident, etc.) Since I can not accurately determine what is a valid reason for missing a homework, I have a blanket policy of dropping every student's lowest homework scores. HOWEVER, these drops should be used for valid reasons. So if you have a valid reason for missing a homework, that will count as one of your drops. I will not drop that homework in addition to the regular drops. You do not need to notify me that you will be missing a homework, and you do not need to convince me that you had a valid reason for missing a homework. It will simply count as one of your drops. If you have valid reasons for missing more of the assignments than I am going to drop, then you should contact the dean or student emergency services. Discuss the situation with them, and consider dropping the course. I will not drop more homeworks.

Exams are worth 90% of your final grade. There will be three midterms. I will drop your lowest midterm. Each midterm is worth 30% of your final grade. After dropping the lowest midterm, these will account for 60% of your final grade. The final is worth 30% of your final grade. The final is cumulative.

  • Policy: You must bring a valid photo ID and your own writing implements to all exams. Calculators are not allowed during exams.
The midterms will be comprised of roughly 80% Quest questions and 20% written questions. These exams will take place during the normal lecture period, and in the normal classroom. The midterms will be on the following dates:
  1. Exam 1: Thursday, June 30
  2. Exam 2: Thursday, July 21
  3. Exam 3: Thursday, August 4
FINAL EXAM: I will post the date and location of the final exam once I know it. This will be a two hour, cumulative exam given in a different room and at a different time from the regular class. It is worth 30% of your final grade.

  • Policy: I do not give makeup exams. I drop the lowest of your three midterm scores. You must take the final at the scheduled time.
  • Description of Policy: If you miss one midterm, then that will be your lowest midterm score, and it will be dropped. The reason I drop your lowest midterm is for valid absences. Since I can not determine valid absences, I have a blanket policy of dropping the lowest midterm. HOWEVER, this policy is mainly for dropping a missed midterm. If you miss two midterms, one of your midterm grades will be a zero. If these absences are valid, please contact the dean or student emergency services to find out how you can drop the class. The midterm grades will not be replaced. You must be at the final. If for some reason you miss the final, you must contact student emergency services and drop the course.
  • Policy: There is no attendance taken, and you will not be penalized for missing class. I will not respond to e-mails asking to know what happened during a class you missed.
  • Description of Policy: You should find someone in the class whom you can contact in the event that you miss a class. You will be responsible for knowing what happened in class on any days you missed, including any announcements I made in class on that day. Make sure there is another student in the class that can help you with this. The TA and I will not respond to anyone asking what happened on days they missed.

Upon request, the University of Texas at Austin provides appropriate academic accommodations for qualified students with disabilities.  For more information, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 471-6259 or 471-6441 TTY.  If you plan to use accommodations, you need to notify your Instructors early in the semester.

You may use any help, including working with your classmates, for the homework. Cheating on the exams will be treated very seriously. If I have any evidence you cheated on an exam, I will not contact you. I will contact Student Justice Services, and Student Justice Services will contact you. Also, asking me to change your grade based on your situation or what you need to make is pointless and unethical.