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The Big Question

Elect John Memmott to the
Oberlin City Schools Board of Education
Experience & Commitment to Community

Why am I running as a write-in candidate?

In November of 2009 soon after I retired from teaching the Oberlin Board of Education needed to appoint a new board member. I applied for that vacancy and was interviewed as one of nine applicants. Though I was not selected I was impressed that so many people would step up to that challenge and responsibility.

Soon after I became involved with the 21st Century after-school program at Langston. I found that being back in the educational arena working with students was just as satisfying as it had been when I was a teacher.

In August of this year I needed to decide again if I wanted to run for a position on the school board. Based on the experience of 2009 I expected several well-qualified candidates would register and be willing to serve and I would then continue working with the 21st Century program. Being a member of the Oberlin Board of Education and employed with the 21st Century program is considered a conflict - I could not do both.

But when I found out that only one person had declared when there were two seats available that bothered me greatly - and I took that as a sign. At that point I reconsidered my position and decided that I would submit my name. I could only declare as a write-in candidate - the deadline for being a regular on-the-ballot candidate had passed.

If elected to a seat on the school board I will resign my 21st Century position effective the end of December before the new board member term begins in January. Being a board member prohibits me from being employed by the district for the 21st Century program. But that doesn't mean I can't serve on the school board AND volunteer to be part of the 21st Century activities!

How to Vote for a Write-in Candidate

As a write-in candidate my name will not appear on the electronic ballot screen or on the absentee paper ballot.

To vote for me on November 8th using the electronic ballot you will need to indicate on the screen that you want to vote for a write-in candidate when you are in the School Board choice section. The screen for voting for Board of Education candidates will contain two blank spaces for potential write-in names. Click on one and a keypad will appear on the screen. Type in “John Memmott” as your choice. When you return to the main screen my name should now be a choice. If the electronic ballot does not behave as expected or if you have any questions while you are voting please ask one of the poll workers.

If you are using the absentee paper ballot there will be a blank space to write in my name for School Board. And don't forget to fill in the bubble before the name! Absentee ballots must be returned postmarked no later than November 7th or delivered directly to the board of elections office no later than the close of polls November 8th.

absentee ballot

How to Vote Using the Touch-Screen Booth

Courtesy of the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, follow a short interactive presentation on how to use the voting machine.
In particular, it shows how to vote for a Write-in candidate.

Please try to spell my name correctly so there will be no confusion about your choice of candidate. Thank you.