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Support Letters

Elect John Memmott to the
Oberlin City Schools Board of Education
Experience & Commitment to Community

Want to write a support letter to the Oberlin News-Tribune?
(to be posted in the Letters to the Editor section)

Mail: 42 South Main St., Oberlin OH 44074-0029


I will not be accepting any donations toward campaign expenses.
NO yard signs, NO buttons, NO bumper stickers (unless they are homemade).
I will finance my campaign the way I expect to serve on the School Board
- frugally and fiscally prudent

This website is a FREE Google site
created with the skills I learned
as the Oberlin City Schools District Technology Coordinator
and taught to my students as they did their independent study projects.

Please give me your vote and support our schools and students!

To the Oberlin News-Tribune Editor,

John Memmott is a write-in candidate for the Oberlin City School District Board of Education.

John has served the children of our community for nearly four decades. As a teacher in the schools for 35 years, he had first hand knowledge of our schools' challenges and accomplishments. Since his retirement in 2009, he continues that service by working with kids at Langston Middle School. This hands-on involvement gives John a unique vantage point of our schools and children's current needs and what will be needed as we strive for excellence.

I have known John Memmott as a teacher to my child and as a fellow committee volunteer on various school and community related issues. In each of these endeavors he has always acted with the best interest of the children and community in mind.

If you are voting by absentee paper ballot, you have to write John Memmott in the blank space provided for School Board. If you vote at your designated polling location, the electronic ballot will provide a blank space when the screen for Board of Education candidates appears. Click on the space and a keypad will appear for you to type in John Memmott.

Visit http://johnmemmott.net to read more about John and his position on major issues facing our schools.

Please vote for John Memmott, as he continues to advocate for the kids of Oberlin.

Respectfully submitted,
Dennis Chan
Oberlin, Ohio

To the Oberlin News-Tribune Editor:

I write on behalf of John Memmott, write-in candidate for the Oberlin City School Board. John Memmott dedicated his career to the Oberlin City Schools many years ago, and remains an impassioned advocate for the children of Oberlin. His long years as an Oberlin resident and a teacher in our schools have given him a rare perspective on the problems intrinsic to public-funded education. John is a man of great integrity, keen intellect, infinite patience, and unflappable demeanor. He is also a team player, and is eminently qualified to take a seat at the table and lend his expertise to both continuing the recent upward trend in the schools and solving the problems preventing our children from reaching even greater heights.

Please check out the very informative website http://johnmemmott.net for more information. I enthusiastically urge your support for John Memmott as a write-in candidate on November 8.

James Howsmon
Oberlin, Ohio

To the Editor of the Oberlin News-Tribune:

As election day approaches, we write to endorse John Memmott as a write-in candidate for the Oberlin school board. John has worked in the Oberlin city schools for 35 years and with that knowledge of our school district's history, awareness of current conditions, and understanding of the goals and aspirations of our district, he is well positioned to serve our community and our children.

Both of our daughters worked with John while they attended both Prospect and Langston, and he was an inspirational mentor for them. We are confident he will bring that same level of enthusiasm, dedication, and work ethic to the school board.

When casting your ballot, please include John Memmott as a write-in candidate for the Oberlin school board.

Kathy Arbromeit
John Sabin
Oberlin, Ohio

To The Editor, Oberlin Review:

The students of Oberlin College have always made valuable contributions to the Oberlin City School District through their tutoring and other activities each year. Each and every OC student can continue this dedicated support and make a significant impact on the Oberlin schools when you go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, 2011. You can vote “Yes, Yes” for the Oberlin school levies, Issues 17 and 18, and also cast a vote for write-in candidate John Memmott for the Oberlin City School District Board of Education.

Issues 17 and 18 will sustain a secure financial footing for the Oberlin schools by renewal of an existing levy and passage of a new funding source. Political games being played in the state capital have drastically reduced funding to local school districts, making it critical that we all support public education on a local level. Help the students of the Oberlin schools continue to thrive---vote “Yes, Yes” for Issues 17 and 18.

Stewardship of the Oberlin schools’ funding and educational policies is also of the utmost importance. For this reason I ask for your vote for John Memmott for Board of Education on November 8th. John will bring to the Board his 35 years of experience as a teacher (retired) in the Oberlin schools; a parent’s perspective, having had three children attend and graduate from the Oberlin schools; a taxpayer’s perspective, having been a resident of Oberlin since 1974; an advocacy for educational technology, having served as Oberlin’s District Technology Coordinator for a number of years; and, an in-depth familiarity with the local educational decision-making process acquired from his regular attendance at Board meetings for many, many years. A comprehensive biography and information regarding John’s candidacy for Oberlin Board of Education can be found on his website (http://johnmemmott.net). John Memmott is a write-in candidate (“Two Ms in the middle and Two Ts on the end!”); instructions for voting for a write-in candidate can also be found on his website.

Let me thank you all in advance for your support of the Oberlin City School District and its wonderful students.

Richard W. McDaniel
Oberlin, OH
Parent, Oberlin High School Classes of ‘95, ‘00, ‘02
Parent, Oberlin College Class of 2006