Elections 2011


The official recount was completed December 8, 2011.

The final numbers still found me with 7 votes less than the winning write-in candidate - 666 to 559. I observed the recount process. It was an interesting but not exciting process - mostly it was teams of humans verifying the electronic counting that had happened previously by randomly selecting a sample of the precincts and then viewing and tallying the paper roll print-out to compare with the original results. I now have a copy of all the variations of the names written in during the vote. Apparently my name can be spelled many different ways and still be valid. Using the state guidelines the County Board of Elections was very lenient in that regard and accepted even the hint of intent - even just a first name is enough to distinguish a choice!

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me and offered their support!
Time to start planning the 2013 campaign?

And congratulations to Ken Stanley.
I'm sure he will be a positive addition to the school board.

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Oliver talks to sheep
Oliver on the campaign trail talk talking with Panda and Nerd (the sheep).

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