John Marshall atte Forde

Member of SCA since 1999


The arts of food

Lord John’s passion is learning about the foods and beverages of SCA period and bringing them to the understanding, and appreciation, of the modern world.  Many of todays most basic foods are similar to those of period, and we cannot understand today’s food without knowing that of our ancestors.


Primary areas of study:


Cheese and other dairy products

Redaction of recipes

And his latest interest - Sausages and preserved meats (coming soon)


Additional areas of study:

One cannot be in the kitchen or brewhouse all the time.  Lord John also dabbles in a range of other arts.

Tallow Candles (presented at Northern Lights 2009)

Byzantine Necklace (presented at Northern Lights 2009)


Unlike many others of the Arts, the food arts are best seen when produced for dayboards and feasts. In addition to helping in numerous kitchens throughout the kingdom, Lord John has been in charge at the following (click the links for menus and other information).


Alles Faire in Love and War (2000 dayboard, 2001-2005 assisted in kitchen)

Games and Galliards (2001 co-head of feast, 2002 co-head of feast)

Autumn Schola (2001 dayboard, 2003 dayboard, 2004 dayboard)

Green Lane demo (dinner for participants in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2009)

Sword & Chrysanthenum (2002 head of kitchen for the “Inn” dinner)

12th Night (2003 head up kitchen for “all day dayboard”)

Emmaus Faire (2003 dayboard)

Cooking Thing (2007 head of one course for feast)

Noisemaker’s (2007 lead cook feast (RP), 2008, lead cook, feast)
Blue Horn Tavern (2007 dayboard)
Coronation of Konrad and Brenwyn, 2008 (lead cook for one course)

Artisan’s Challenge, Display and Workshop (2010, 2011 dayboard)

Crown Tournament (2011 head coordinator of dayboard)



Lord John has also been honored to be asked to prepare the following vigils:

Mistress Cellach and Mistress Mathilde – a joint vigil

Master Michael Woffauer



Lord John has taught the following classes and is happy to teach them again. Unfortunately, the two Yeast classes will not be easily available due to the long lead time and expense of the class.  More classes are being written.

Easy Quick Cheeses


Making Butter

Yeast in Beer

Yeast in Dark Beer


Awards and Honors:

07/22/2006 Companion of the Manche
10/18/2008 Companion of the Silver Crescent
04/06/2002 Award of Arms
04/12/2003 Companion of the Burdened Tyger
06/07/2008 Companion of the Burdened Tyger

2009 Northern Lights, third place overall
One cannot cook only Medieval food.  These are modern recipes...
Holiday Treat 2011 (this is a very old family recipe, dating back to the 1920-30s, originally from my grandmother).  I've been making it for about 50 years now.
Christmas Eve Dinner 2011 Menu  A version of the traditional 7 fishes.  For the sake of the theme, ducks were declared to be fish.