By: John T. Magill, O.D.

    New innovations and advancements in ocular imaging have made getting an eye examination more comfortable for the patient, with increased accuracy, speed, ease and more importantly, earlier detection of eye disease.
    I am pleased to bring to our office the latest in optometric equipment.  The new low-pressure Tonometer, used to measure eye pressure for glaucoma, uses five times less puff, is quicker, quieter, and gives a better result.  Our automated Refractor brings the latest technology available in determining your exact prescription.  Our digital high resolution retinal camera enables us to diagnose eye conditions such as Macular Degeneration sooner than with traditional eye exams.  And our newest addition is our optic nerve imaging scanner which allows me to pick up changes in the optic nerve much sooner than ever before which may indicate glaucoma.  Along with providing the best equipment available, it is equally important that I continue with my education keeping up with new developments.  I have been credentialed in pre and post operative care for laser vision.  I have observed over 100 laser procedures and would invite you to call me so together we can choose the best laser surgeon and laser center for you.  Finally, don't forget according to the American Optometric Association, Macular Degeneration is the number one cause of severe vision loss in people over age 50. However, this condition is best diagnosed in its earliest stages for best treatment options.

First Things First

    In our rush, rush society the most important things can be overlooked.  Are you due for your annual vision exam?  Call today to schedule your exam by calling 740-474-3860.
    Be sure and stop in to check out our new lines of frames including Vera Bradley, Cover Girl, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Sigrid Olson, Bebe, and Candies.  Remember, every month we have a featured frame style with promotional discounts.  When vacationing include a spare pair of glasses and disposable contact lenses.  Don't forget any ocular prescription drugs and a list of your ocular allergies.  Be sure and have enough of your prescription to last your entire trip.  Also, bring your glasses in for me to check for loose screws, nose pads, or to fit your glasses for optimal comfort.
Cutting Edge Contacts

    Have you ever desired any eye color other than the one you were born with?  Now you are able to see what you would look like with any eye color, or brighten up your own color.  Our new Smart Mirror Viewing System makes experimenting with a new look easier and more fun than ever. 
    Remember to follow Dr. Magill's instruction for lens care, lens replacement and your personal wearing schedule.  Do not sleep in your lenses unless you have been fitted with a night/day lens.  Doing so may lead to eye disease or corneal ulcers.

Getting the Most
By:Valerie Travis, Office Manager

Did you know many people receive vision benefits and don't even know it?  Quality eye care is important to overall health; more and more insurance companies are paying for comprehensive eye examinations.  Check with your company's human resource department to see if you have vision benefits of which you might not be aware.
    Dr. Magill does more than prescribe glasses and contact lenses.  As a doctor of optometry, he is the best choice for the treatment of minor eye diseases and ocular medical issues such as pink eye, scratches, and dry eyes.  When you visit Dr. Magill for medical issues your medical insurance should help pay for your care.
    I am an insurance and billing specialist.  Contact me with you questions related to insurance coverage and billing.

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