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resume & experience

  • I have been teaching junior high mathematics full time for 30 years.
  • Private students come in all sizes.  Recently, I have worked with...
    • a 17-year-old taking online geometry and algebra through Dayton City Schools.
    • a 15-year-old homeschooled boy who's mother never got around to doing math.  We started with addition and he graduated on time.  (It helped that he was pretty sharp and his mother had raised a very willing student.)
    • an 8-year-old seeing me for enrichment of the program he gets through public school.
    • a 6-year-old wanting to stay sharp and get some enrichment over the summer
    • a 10-year-old who struggles with problem solving
    • a high school freshman wanting to be retaught the algebra one she didn't understand the previous school year. 
    • a junior high student wanting help with the arithmetic he didn't learn in earlier grades.
    • a junior high student getting assistance keeping up with an honors math class.
    • a junior high student wanting support with both math and organizational skills.
    • a junior high student wanting help with her transition from a Montessori program to a more traditional public school.
  • I have tutored Algebra One to many dozens of students.    
  • I have worked with fifth through eighth graders on their fractions and decimals one-on-one, in small groups, and in large groups for over 30 years.  
  • I have tutored students through Yellow Springs HS Geometry twice, Yellow Springs HS Algebra 2 once (pre PBL).
  • I have tutored students working with Dayton City Schools' online program (algebra one, geometry, algebra two). 
  • I have met with individuals/small groups preparing for the SAT.
  • I have experience with both Traditional and Integrated approaches to mathematics.