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resume & experience

  • I have been teaching junior high mathematics full time for 30 years.
  • Private students come in all sizes.  Recently, I have worked with...
    • a 17-year-old taking online geometry and algebra through Dayton City Schools.
    • an 8-year-old seeing me for enrichment of the program he gets through public school.
    • a high school freshman wanting to be retaught the algebra one she didn't understand the previous school year. 
    • a junior high student wanting help with the arithmetic he didn't learn in earlier grades.
    • a junior high student getting assistance keeping up with an honors math class.
    • a junior high student wanting help with her transition from a Montessori program to a more traditional public school.
  • I have tutored Algebra One to many dozens of students.    
  • I have worked with fifth through eighth graders on their fractions and decimals one-on-one, in small groups, and in large groups for 30 years.  
  • I have tutored students through YSHS Geometry twice, YSHS Algebra 2 once (pre PBL).
  • I have tutored students working with Dayton City Schools' online program (algebra one, geometry, algebra two). 
  • I have met with individuals/small groups preparing for the SAT.
  • I have experience with both Traditional and Integrated approaches to mathematics.