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client recs.

These recommendations only include initials as signatures to protect the privacy of my clients.  References are available upon request.

My son has been tutored by John Loomis for the past two and a half years.  In addition to doing an excellent job of teaching difficult math concepts in terms that my son could understand, Mr. Loomis helped improve my son’s confidence in his ability to do the work.  Thanks in large part to Mr. Loomis, my son is now an A student in Honors Math. 
            EB, Oakwood

Middle school and high school math proved to be challenging for our son, who had been taught outside the public school system until 7th grade.  Fortunately for us, John Loomis had once mentioned in another context that he was a math teacher for the Oakwood schools, so we decided to hire him for some regular tutoring.  What a coup that turned out to be for our son AND his parents!  He did a great job, was very patient and confidence-boosting, and my only regret is that we didn't know to hire him much earlier.
            SW, Yellow Springs

I just wanted to let you know that Ava ended up getting an A in math the last quarter. Whatever you did really connected with her. I am so happy and thank you again! She ended the school year with scholastic honors and all A's. Thank you SO much! You are a child whisperer.
             message shared with permission, JB, Kettering 

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