15 August 2017 - "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!" has confirmed season 4.  Work starts September.

15 March 2015 <-> 17 March 2017 -  "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!" has increased in popularity it seems, and hence 3 successful seasons being shot and aired live to the second biggest television audience in Australia.

7 September 2014 - "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!" has scouted and confirmed the first season of the record breaking franchise to start building and shooting in Mpumalanga next year.  Myself and team are onboard from the start overseeing initial studio build and infrastructure set up.

1 August 2014 - "THE BACHELOR AUSTRALIA" comes to South Africa!!  I assist the production in designing the last 2 episodes in the series.  Cannot say to much more as the show is yet to be aired.

10 July 2014 - Our trucks are unpacked, the dust has settled, and another very successful show is wrapped.  Cooked In Africa have produced another fantastic show for local TV, and much to our delight, has been sold to the Travel Channel, to be translated into 20 languages and viewed around the globe.

15 April 2014 - Back in South Africa, and without a break, we start to design, build and prep the 3rd season of "ULTIMATE BRAAI MASTER".  The tagline for this season is "time for tough", and that is reflected in our overall vision for the final product.  Another 2 and a half months on the road with multiple vehicles, and 22 brand new locations, covering 90 000km in what is truly TV's best outdoor cooking travel reality show.

3 March 2014 - After 2 months of intense prep, myself and Simon land in Sydney Australia to do some last minute shopping for "THE AMAZING RACE AUSTRALIA V NZ".  We then jet off around the world for a month to facilitate and consult in all 8 countries for the duration of the show.  Utterly mind blowing locations, with the best Race crew to date, proves to be the most enjoyable reality show we have worked on so far.  Channel 7 pulled out all the stops and this whirlwind journey which can clearly be seen in the finished product currently being aired in Australia.  We sincerely hope the ratings do the show justice, so that we can work with our friends across the ditch once again.

19 February 2014 - "PASSENDALE" cheese is the next international commercial that I design for our Belgian friends at Lovo Films.  We love to work with the guys from Orange Films and Lovo, as together we feel a real part of the creative process.

2 February 2014 - A bumper start to the new season indeed.  "FEAR FACTOR INDIA" have come to our shores, and with only 2 weeks to prep this mammoth beast, The Art Officials take on a challenge second to none.  Working with ENDEMOL to design the 5th season of this franchise for ColorsTV, I draw on Cape Town's seemingly limitless capabilities in terms of supply and crew.  Given just days to design and build complicated game rigs, and even less time to install, stretches the entire crew to breaking point.  After some difficult decisions, we iron out some production issues with cash flow, and get back on track to complete a gruelling yet successful season.

15 January 2014 - A well deserved break for The Art Officials comes abruptly to a halt with the 2014 commercial season kicking off with Orange Films facilitating "McDONALDS" for Europe.  With very little time, we had to create multiple locations, including a treehouse in a 200 year old oak, without any damage to the tree itself, while still supporting the weight of camera operator, child actors and props.

30 November 2013 - 2 Quick fire commercials for "MATCH.COM" to end the year off on a high.  For these quirky treatments, we created crop circles, and rebuilt a collapsable Berlin wall.  Lots of fun.

13 November 2013 - The third instalment of "DER BACHELOR" has wrapped, and breaking records with a 4,5 million German viewership.  A new location for the "Girls Mansion" demanded a new design and this time round the challenge was to creatively convert an actual family guest house, into an manageable  360 degree consistently filmed luxury home for 15 contestants.  Spaces that naturally encouraged conversation, that could easily be filmed from multiple camera angles.  This coupled with constantly changing daily interior and exterior date locations, the notorious Cape Town weather, proved to seriously test our construction and set dressing abilities to their limits.  An extremely exciting Finale' at the Ernie Els Wine Estate brought the curtains down on what should be the most successful German Bachelor to date.

5 May 2013 - My team, The Art Officials and I have just returned home after the mammoth 4 month outdoor-cooking-travel-reality show "THE ULTIMATE BRAAI MASTER II".  75 days of non stop BBQ fires, sweat, shooting on the dusty road with 15 tons of gear, in 6 trucks and vans all across South Africa.  A truly unique experience.  

14 February 2013 - A new year, and straight into the thick of it.  Having just completed a 65 000 km trip around the globe to shoot Israel's Amazing Race, The Art Officials are proud to be involved in the most successful South African reality show to date, "ULTIMATE BRAAI MASTER."  Bar far the most challenging, yet exciting local project to date, and is going to be thoroughly enjoyed by myself and my crew.  This coupled with the news of an International Emmy award, and an AACTA award for various Races, I cannot help but feel extremely overjoyed with the future of my career in Television. 

28 November 2012 - Another successful season of Der Bachelor in the can, brings to and end the year as I predicted, crazy, busy and most rewarding.  A definite acceleration can be felt in the world of Reality Television, with all manners of Non-Scripted Entertainment being shot worldwide.  Prep has begun on the 3rd Season of The Amazing Race Israel. 

22 August 2012 - The second season of Der Bachelor has been confirmed!! Preproduction will begin in October with a very exciting project ahead.  The Art Officials are prepped and ready for another bumper end of year run.  We welcome back the crew from ITV, and look forward to get busy with Triosphere again.

21 July 2012 - The past 6 months have been some of the most successful to date.  After shooting 2 international commercials; "VW" for Germany and "MER" for Sweden, I hopped on a plane to shoot The Amazing Race Philippines in the month of June.  An unbelievable country, with the most hospitable hosts looking after me, leaves me wanting more.  

15 Dec 2011 - One month of intense travel shooting done.  Some unbelievable footage, and incredible stories to boot.  Definitely, one of the most difficult and taxing Races to date.  Just goes to show, it doesn't matter how many times you have done it, each time can and will be different.  Time for a well deserved break, after a very successful year.  Looking forward to another bumper year, with a number of projects already knocking on the door..

16 Nov 2011 - Leaving "DER BACHELOR" in Cape Town, to shoot over to Australia, to be Production designer on the 2nd Season of The Amazing Race Australia.  After being involved in 6 Races altogether, this one has a few "bucket list" destinations on the cards, therefore, should prove to be one of the most exciting races yet.

15 Nov 2011 - And that's a wrap!  The film can is now shut on "DER BACHELOR", and now we wait to see the ratings.  I am very proud to put my name to this project as Production Designer, as it should turn out to be a slick, polished production, clearly showcasing Cape Town as a top destination for High End Reality TV.  Thank you to Granada, and RTL, it was fantastic to work with all of you, and look forward to the next project. 

20 Sep 2011 - We are now in pre-production for the German version of the American reality series, "The Bachelor" to be shot locally in Cape Town.  The Art Officials are excited about the chance to work on this Real Time show, and cannot wait to get stuck in.

1 May 2011 - A very successful "AMAZING RACE ISRAEL SEASON 2" under the belt.  An unbelievable distance covered, on very little sleep, but worth every sleepless day.  I broke a personal record of being awake for 102 hours, with only 3 hours sleep.  

24 Feb 2011 - We have just completed shooting 3 "Teazers" for the upcoming local Vampire movie that is scheduled for shooting between end 2011 and middle 2012.  I am very excited about this project as I get the chance to Design my first full feature length film, and we have a ridiculously talented group of filmmakers working together, whom all love the industry they are in.  Just before shooting these teazers, I was again involved with The Amazing Race franchise, this time with Australia's first season.  This has yet to be aired, so cannot give too much away, but am definitely looking forward to the many more seasons to come.

12 Dec 2010 - Another busy winter with the completion of "THE AMAZING RACE ASIA 4" and a mammoth 2 and a half month project over the World Cup called "BUD HOUSE."  The RACE took me to 8 countries including a few I haven't seen before, namely: Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Borneo.  While "BUD HOUSE" was a internet reality show based loosely on The Big Brother format, where we changed the Shelly Point Hotel into a livable, shootable and marketable space for the clients, BUDWEISER, RSA Films and Rocket Films.  Currently, we are in "pre"pre-production on a local movie, while working on marketing and redesigning website and business cards.

20 Sep 2010 - We have the Greatest of pleasure in congratulating Simon Joyner, an ART OFFICIAL, on WINNING his GOLDEN HORN "BEST PRODUCTION DESIGNER IN A FEATURE FILM" 2010,  for his extraordinary contribution in the making of "IZULU LAMI".  The GOLDEN HORN AWARDS, is the South African Film and Television Academy Awards (SAFTA)which honours, celebrates and promotes the talent and accomplishments of the South African Film and TV industries over the past year.  

With great pride and pleasure, I wish to share with you that "THE AMAZING RACE ASIA 3" is a finalist in the category of "Non-Scripted Entertainment" in the 37th International Emmy Awards.  Unfortunately, we narrowly missed out on the International Emmy to "The Phone", a reality program based in the Netherlands.

Our "BUSY" season has kicked off with two very successful international commercials, namely: "OTTO" for Navigator Films, and "HUSQVARNA" for Orange Films. We are looking forward to interesting year ahead before the 2010 World Cup, and welcome any challenges head on.  

We have finished shooting a number of Bollywood Projects in Cape Town.  The first is the climax scene, montage and dance sequence for a Feature production based in Calcutta.  The second, has been put off for a while, is a full Feature Length Action Film based in Cape Town, designed by the Art Officials.  We are very excited about shooting with the Bollywood crew again, as we have the chance to create a highly entertaining Indian/African, co-production, while still having fun.