John Dongun Kim

Environmental Biophysics and Molecular Ecology Lab
71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
IMCS #318E (Cook campus)
Rutgers University
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 +1-848-932-3428 (office)
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Personal Information

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina (1985)
Dual Citizenship (USA & South Korea)
Married, two children (b.2015, b.2016)

Educational Background

2013            PhD ChemistryRutgers University, USA
                   Advisor: Paul G. Falkowski [Google Scholar]
                   Dissertation: Evolution of biological and geochemical electron transfer reactions

2009            BA Chemistry (minor Mathematics) with honors, Rutgers University, USA

Professional Background                                                                     

2016~           Postdoctoral Associate, Rutgers University, USA

2013~2016   Military service (research), KAIST, South Korea

2010~2013   Graduate Research Assistant, Rutgers University, USA

2009~2010   NSF IGERT Fellow, Rutgers University, USA

Honors & Awards

2015            POSCO TJ Park (Cheong-Am) Science Fellowship

2014            Best presentation award, 13th Protein Folding Winter School 
                    Korea Institute for Advanced Study

2010            Excellent first-year student award, Rutgers University

2009            NSF IGERT fellowship (Nanotechnology for Clean Energy)                

2009            ARESTY undergraduate research symposium best poster in physical science 

2008            The Croda award for outstanding junior in organic chemistry lab

2008            NSF ISURF − Summer research fellowship program for undergraduates

2006            Mathematics prize exam winner, Rutgers University 

2006            Academic excellence award, Rutgers University

2004            National (South Korea) merit scholarship, Full tuition + stipend (Declined)

2002            Gifted asset for the 21st Century, Information technology category 
                    *By Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education

2002            National computer & science creativity contest bronze prize       
                    *By KAIST GIFTED & Ministry of Science and Technology (South Korea)


Publications [Google Scholar]

Switchable Chiral Selection of Aspartic Acids by Dynamic States of Brushite: Chirality from Dynamics
Jiang W, Pan H, Zhang Z, Qiu RS, Kim JD, Xu X, Tang R
manuscript submitted to JACS

Architecture and substrate-recognition assembly of the Type IV coupling protein complex of L. pneumophila
Kwak MJ*, Kim JD*, Kim HM, Kim CH, Bowman JW, Joo KY, Lee JY, Jin KS, Kim YG, Lee NK, Jung JU, Oh BH
Nature Microbiology (in press)
*Co-first author

Nanomedicine: dynamic integration of nanotechnology with biomedical science. Handbook of Clinical Nanomedicine: Nanoparticles, Imaging, Therapy and Clinical Applications 
Lee KB, Solanki A, Kim JD, Jung JJ
Pan Stanford Publishing (2015)

Discovering the electronic circuit diagram of life: Structural relationships among transition metal binding sites in oxidoreductases
Kim JD, Senn S, Harel A, Jelen BI, Falkowski PG
Phil Trans R Soc B, 368, 1622, 20120257 (2013)

Cloning and characterization of four novel coral acid-rich proteins that precipitate carbonates in vitro
Mass T, Drake JL, Haramaty L, Kim JD, Zelzion E, Bhattacharya D, Falkowski PG
Current Biology, 23, 12, 1126-1131 (2013)

Anoxic photochemical oxidation of siderite generates molecular hydrogen and iron oxides
Kim JD, Yee N, Nanda V, Falkowski PG
PNAS, 110, 25, 10073-10077 (2013)
*Editor's Choice, Science, 340, 6140, 1501 (2013)

Energetic selection of topology in ferredoxins
Kim JD, Rodriguez-Granillo A, Case DA, Nanda V, Falkowski PG
PLoS Comp Biol, 8(4) (2012)

Hot skies over a cold landscape
Kim JD
Science, 333, 41 (2011)

A kinetic model of non-photochemical quenching in cyanobacteria
Gorbunov MY, Kuzminov FI, Fadeev VV, Kim JD, Falkowski P.G
Biochim Biophys Acta Bioenerg, 1807, 12, 1591–1599 (2011)

Nanotechnology for regenerative medicine: nanomaterials for stem cell imaging 
Solanki A., Kim JD, Lee KB 
Nanomedicine, 3, 567-578 (2008)

Nanomedicine: dynamic integration of nanotechnology with biomedical science
Lee KB, Solanki A, Kim JD, Jung JJ 
World Scientific (2008)


Energetic selection of topology in ferredoxins.
Laboratory of Structural Life Science, KAIST
Daejeon, South Korea, Oct 2013 (Talk) 

Evolution of biological redox reactions. 
Institute for Basic Science (IBS)-Center for RNA research
Seoul, South Korea, Feb 2013 (Talk)

Evolution of protein folds based on secondary structure composition.
3DSIG: Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics
Long Beach, CA, USA, July 2012 (Poster)

Chemist’s perspective on coevolution of life and geochemical cycles on our planet.
Korea Polar Research Institute
Incheon, South Korea, May 2012 (Invited Talk)

Energetic selection of topology and chirality in feredoxins. 
New York Academy of Science: 
5th Annual Advances in Biomolecular Engineering Symposium
New York, NY, USA, Apr 2012 (Poster)

Evolution of protein folds based on secondary structure composition.
Gordon Research Conference: Protons & Membrane Reactions
Ventura, CA, USA, Feb 2012 (Poster) 

The origin of topological chirality in iron-sulfur proteins
Carnegie Institution of Washington Geophysical Laboratory
Washington DC, USA, Apr 2011 (Informal Talk)

The origin of topological chirality in iron-sulfur proteins.
Gordon Research Conference: Metals in Biology
Ventura, CA, USA, Jan 2011 (Poster)

Teaching Experience 

Chemistry 171 – Intro to Experiment (Fall 2009, Spring 2010)

Chemistry 251 – Analytical Chemistry (Fall 2010)

Chemistry 329 – Experimental Physical Chemistry (Spring 2011)