Welcome to Delphine
The Gem of the West


Upon arrival in Delphine the group went ashore to experience the wonder of the greatest city in the Western World.


Commissioning a lawyer and a doctor to draw up trade agreements and to finalize the crew and preparations for a sea voyage I f required, each man went his separate way to enjoy the town.


Petr was told the confirmation of himself as the new baronet of Skierry would have to wait until the Feastday meeting of the Senate.


Davreit made a contact with the Trading Guild, and both Arawn and Kaelus sought out a smith to repair and potentially get new equipment. The Suk was contacted by his guild and told to beware treachery, and so accompanied by Petr both men made their way to a hole in the wall ale shop that was the safe contact area for the Fail Cavar in Delphine.


Upon arrival at the alehouse the two men found eight of the fail cavar slaughtered in the center of town with no one in the surrounding area any the wiser.


Heading back to the boat he left Petr to rest below decks and went back out into the city to see what else he could uncover.


Davreit met and went on a date with a woman named Janissa Morward, a trader with the guild.


Kaelus and Arawn both availed themselves of a pleasure garden for a number of hours.


Upon the return to the boat, the Kaelus noted that an ambush was set up on the ship and the crew was either dead or otherwise indisposed.


Below deck Petr caught a whiff of gas and nearly passed out, maintaining consciousness only after a period of weakness.


Coming onto deck he was immediately assaulted by figures that seemed to blend into the shadows and attack from hiding.


Blind and with his enhanced senses Petr engaged two of them, sustaining wounds.


The rest of the party stormed the ship with the Suk calling upon the shadow rune to apply protections where he could and Arawn, Kaelus and Davreit engaging the enemy.


After a quick and brutal battle the enemy was defeated and the crew brought back to consciousness.


Examination of the corpses showed that these were in fact, all female members of a particular assassin cult.


Delphine, gem of the West, now seemed to all involved, to have darker facets that first believed.