The Light In the West
Major Cities: Delphine, 150, 000, Chatarus 100, 000


Population:  650,000

Languages: Virrossean, Vulgate Inzhari, Auld Oss

Religion: The Savar, Schools of the Balance

Established: 2000 years ago as an Inzhar satellite state.  Rebelled five hundred years ago. Statehood immediately thereafter.

Landmarks of note: The Harbour of Delphine, The Basilica of the Savar in Chatarus, The University of Melchior in Delphine. Lord Veritanis’s Triumph, The Ruins of Szaminon.

History: prior to 2000 years ago the vir and os and other lesser tribes were conquered in a long and bloody war by the Inzhar in their first moves out of their own continent. Serving as the orchard of the Empire, the virossians as they became known as, were ruled by a series of Inzhari governors of varying repute. Roughly six hundred years ago the reign of the seven bad governors set into motion the rebellion. This rebellion lead largely in the west by the Knights of Delphine, a prophet of Savar come from the East to preach against the Inzhar Pantheon, secretly began to organize. Five hundred years ago the order exploded across the forests and plains of Vir and with help from both the Sukisien and the Cor whelmed the Inzhar and sent the fleeing back to their own peninsula. The Inzhar City of Szaminon was completely destroyed in the clash between the demon governor Bar Jenisos Tria and Sir Veritanis of the Vir, leading knight of the order of Savar in the west, and bearer of the sword Imperishable.  The City was reduced to ruins and neither being was heard from again. A senate was formed to balance a hereditary monarchy forced to cede to a constitution. As it stands the nobility of Virossus is balanced with the needs of the people through an appointed senate. The official state religion is the Court of Savar-but they are tolerant to the balance due to the role played by balance agents in the war.

Ethnography: The Vir and the Os merged into a larger people identified by their common ancestry and similar language. The old languages are fifty percent similar to Vulgate Inzhar. The Virossians tend to a medium height with broad shoulders, and dark hair and eyes. They are largely a sanguine people , passionate but reserved. They follow tenants of personal honour and patriotism, and are  cause oriented historically. They have known the yoke of servitude and take their position as light of the West seriously. They are extremely suspicious of the Inzhar and are ready to go to war again against their depredations. They are martial and tend toward seeing themselves as in the right—righteous may not be too harsh a descriptor.

Geography: Virossus is a large land that stretches from the highlands of Cor to the shores of the High Sea in the West, the vast mixed woodlands of the Greenwalk to the south cut off from the Helmai and the Gol grasslanders to the south by the Girusabre Highland, and borders the Mar Inzhar to the east and north. It is a rich land with vast agricultural, mineral and human reserves. The main land is mixed primarily deciduous forest with large tracts of land cleared for agriculture. They have a  considerable naval power and are good sailors. The land is divided amongst a bewildering series of noble titles starting at the lowest-Squire to the Art King of the Chryselephantine throne in Delphine—a gift from the emperor of Savarirem.

Fauna: The Bull of Virossus is the national Animal, and the Virossians are known to raise hearty and huge cattle. The Midlands is a vast and in the south, largely unexplored mass of temperate woodland with many legendary creatures sighted if not confirmed. At least one dragon lives in the passes by the High Sea—and large predators are not unknown in other parts of the wood. The swamps and fens to the north nave the small but vicious red wolves and the marsh tiger—a large and carnivorous cat that can turn man-eater. As well poisonous snakes are present and a significant population of crocodiles.

Economy: Virossus is a rich kingdom trading with all nations, even unofficially smuggling with Inzhar. Vast mineral and agricultural worth and more than a few metal mines. The Northern parts of the Girusabre Highlands produce gems and ore in abundance. The coinage are 2 groats to the bronze, 20 bronze to the silver and 20 silver to the gold.

Head of State: The  King Orizen Castall

State Type: Constitutional Hereditary Monarchy with a representaive house of peers.

Standard Arms: Knightly arms are standard, long sword, shield, morning star and chain or plate for the nobility.  The crossbow has just been invented and is now in use throughout Virossus.