The Sakha Duchies
The Guildmasters

Major Cities: Choa 25, 000, Vento 40, 000 Risibiri 32, 000

Population: 500,000

Languages: Vulgate Inzhari

Religion: The Balance, Church of Savar

Established: 1950 years previous by conquest by Inzhar,

Liberated by Savari 500 y.a.

Landmarks of note: The University of Vento, The Church of Saint Illero, The Arch Dukes Preserve.

History: The Sakha are a mix of the basic Gol stock along with the previous peoples best exemplified by the Qualis and the Inzhar. They were conquered bloodlessly—electing en mass as City states to become client provinces of the Inzhar Empire. When Liberated by the push from Savar the Sakha accepted it as bound and once the tide had turned back they declared themselves a loose conglomeration of duchies modelled after the Inzhar—but with limited powers over each City state.  So each City state and surrounding area is governed by a duke and the noble retinue that owns much of the agricultural land. The Cities themselves have a long history of powerful guilds maintain control of the streets and though the church of Savar is the nominal state religion that all pay tribute to—chaos is still present though worshipped in private and public acknowledgement generally ends badly. The Sakha are traders, merchants and artisans. They have produced some of the finest architects and poets, schemers, demagogues and saints.

Ethnography: The Sakha are a dark haired , swarthy folk who tend towards rich—ornate—one might say ostentatious dress. Broad brimmed feathered hats, gem encrusted codpieces,  and ornate breastplates and armour—more shown than worn. The Sakha duchies are the most urbanized area outside of Inzhar with cobbled streets, dirty ports, and open trade routes. Gentlemen do not wear armour in town-it is a sign of a lower class of people and so the traditional arms and armour reflect that. Anything can be found in Sakha for a price. Sakha are known by their first name and then the sobriquet Va and the City name or if an artisan by their trade name.

Geography: Sakha is a peninsula of some considerable size. The central areas have enormous forests of the Redwood kind, if not as impressive as the Oleskanti ones—they are still vast and imposing. The largest of these is the Arch Dukes Preserve, an area of forest roughly 250 square kilometres in area—it is said it is stocked with many strange and exotic species for the ducal hunts. The exterior around the central forests is amixed agricultural land with villages dotting the outside of the peninsula. It is a rare stretch of road in the Sakha where a traveller could go for more than a days horse ride without encountering a village of some size. There are also the Ducal seats, City states essentially that trade and war over who owns what lands so the conditierri  or knights and mercenaries are in high demand.

Fauna: The Sakha Peninsula—with the exceptions of the central forests are largely tamed agriculturally. There are reports of huge black wolves in the forests as well as bear, boar and the occasional tiger—but such sightings are more rare than common.

Economy: Sakha trades. It trades goods from anywhere to anywhere. The artisans in the area are among the most clever in the world and anything can be found in the central markets that mark each City state. Agriculturally Sakha grows enough food to export.

Head of State: Archduke Sankase Va Sakha

State Type: Mercantile City States in a loosely representational alliance.

Standard Arms: Rapier and dagger, greatswords, pole axes, breastplates and brocade coats, cloaks and chain coats.