The Long Lake
A Broken Land

 In the divide south of the Bay of Inzhar and dividing the Gol from the lands of the Suk, is a great salt water sea running north to south . It is roughly 1000 km long and at it's widest it is 200 or so.

During the last great war between the forces of Inzhar and the desperate Sukisiens, vast and terrible magics were summoned and unleashed.

The world in that place was altered horribly, the towns that bordered the north and south part of the lake were transformed into places out of a nightmare.

Some say hell opened its mouth in that area, others say that a poison from beneath the earth was unleashed and made the place grow fey and dangerous.  What is known is that  three Inzhari legions, including an Emperor in waiting dissappeared never to be heard from again.

The Suk didn't fare any better with the naval forces on the Long Lake being takene down one by one by something in the lake.

Now it is almost five hundred years later. The land is covered in a perptual grey mist that drifts from place to place. Inside it strange and horrible shapes move.

The northern town , called the Gates, is a populated ruin, with peoples and drifters from every place in the known world represented. There is no government, and any who set themselves up as rulers seem to fall foul of one curse or another-each petty warlord or king who tries is damned to a worse death than the one before.  Stranger still, boats and peoples of no known land appear and do business in the ruined wharves and taverns that have sprung up and then just as quickly disappear.

Memory plays tricks here. Things that were, sometimes are no longer, and things that never were, sometimes are.

In the south the town called End is even worse. It is worth your life to set foot in it, with dead things walking the street and baying of strange spectral hounds coursing though the area. It is said some rogue god has set up shop there and pursues the souls of the living for sport.

Yet people do enter the area, some sail upon the sea, some walk into the mists and fogs.  Those who seek forbidden knowledge--lost treasure--ancient mysteries--the brave and the foolish seek out the borders of the Long Lake--but only the truly suicidal ever enter the water.