The Histories

All dates are in twelve month years, abbreviated as Years Before Prime.


10000 YBP

The fall of the First Nation of Misrule. The pact between chaos and order established.


The Dark People-indigenes of the Known World establish first known settlements.


First human evidence on the peninsula of Inzhar and Dis.

6000 YBP

Arrival of the Gol and Syden on the Silver Ships.


Major extermination of the Dark People by the Gol, Syden –bastions maintained in Qualis and Inzhar.


Appearance of the Cor and the Suk from over the edge of the world. Beginning of the rise of the Savarid tribes. The Asuri and Saghul appear from the south east.  Establishment of the Church of Chaos in Inzhar.


Establishment of alliances in Virossus. The beginning of the Inzhari blood pact.

2500 YBP

Gol conquered by Inzhar. Consolidation of the Savarid City states

2100 YBP

Eson, Kurwand , Ravos and Thunark begin moves toward centralized government.

2000 YBP

Inzhar conquers the Vir and the Os, subjugates Oleskand and Establishes Sakha after destroying the remnants of the Dark Folk stll left there. Qualis broken and turned into province. First attempt at invading Sukisien attempted.

1950 YBP

Eson sacked by Admiralty of Inzhar—the Ultimatum of yokah sent to the newly emerging Savaris Dynasty. First Savarid War declared.

1925 YBP

Dis conquered in an Inzhar onslaught.


 The Savarid continent is broken with half of the Wstern most city states flaling under Inzhari governance.


Pacification attempted in High Corack—two legions are ambushed and destroyed. The blockade of Fihanna is begun. The second war against the Sukisien is begun.


Sukisien falls. Asur is bloodlessly turned into a client state. Expeditions to the Saghul range are fruitless and determined to be a waste of effort. Inzhar factors lay a vocal claim to the land and leave.


 work is begun on the Jurin Lock system. The Cities of Helfane and Sumoss are established.


—supression of the Sydenie.

1650-1100 YBP

-Pax Inzhar—the entire known world with minor exceptions is under the rule and conquest of the Inzhar Empire.

1099  YBP

Schism of the Bloodline. Two competing emperors lay claim to the Inzhari Empire. A brutal Civil war is waged over the course of 110 years with the lines diverging. Much of the known world is dragged into the conflict before one line completely decimated the entire bloodline of the second.

891 YBP

Reassumption of Emperor Neronius Jaeka as Inzhari Emperor. The Hand of Savar appears in the Savarid City states. He is burned at the stake in Joppa.

820 YBP

Savarid Inssurection. A series of inconclusive navel battles results in a stalemate. Inzhar loses control of fifty percent of the Savarid City states.

801 YBP

The Hand of Savar appears in Oleskant formenting rebellion. He is taken and slain by impalement. The Oleskanti begin a labout strike –this is brutally suppressed by four legions of Inzhari.


799 YBP

Sukisien revolts in the Temple uprising. Five occupying legions are defeated on the Plains of Illokainen. The Inzhari frontier is reset to the Long Lake.


798-700 YBP

The Blood Years. Inzhari magic and legions spend nearly a century consolidating their conquests—rebuilding and brutally crushing any opposition real or supposed.


699 YBP

The battle of the Sand Spike. The Inzhari Armada is devastated in a battle with  the Abur, Savarid , Eson , Ravos and Thunark forces. The battle is phyrric and the power of the Empire in the East is removed—though the cost sets back the naval power of all involved by thirty years.


698 YBP

The Hand of Savar appears in Virossus.The leading knights of the Vir and Os join in a mass conversion at the River of Prine.


692 YBP

The Second Schism. The Emperor is Inzhar is assassinated by peoples unknown. Six members of the bloodline immediately grab for power inciting the Inzhari Civil War. The Conflict is ruthless and bloody and nearly bankrupts the empire.  I the end six lines claim the throne and a detent within the borders in set.


689 YBP

The Freedom of the East. The Savarid City States consolidate into an Empire and wage a final holy war against the last strongholds of Inzhar in the East. In five years the Inzhar without support from th Empire itself—are broken and destroyed—The Empire of Savari is established.


675 YBP

Eson and Kurwand and Asur freed. Jurin, Ravos and Thunark invaded by the Savarid and liberated. The Sakha Duchies sever their ties with the Empire. The new boundary of the Empire is set at Oleskant in the East and The Long and High Sea in the West.


674-614 YBP

The Interbellum. The Sakha Duchies post their declaration of Neutrality and begin informal trade relations with both Empires.


613 YBP

The Six bloodlines elect one of their own—Artemin Jaeka as Dictator and with the renewed legions move to push back their borders.


600 YBP

Uprisings in Gol and Virossus are put down and a new border war with Sukisein is begun. The Sukese are pushed back from Long lake and the area to the East of Sukisien proper is reclaimed. The western ports of the Sakha Duchies are retaken and put under Inzhar governship. The Qualis City of Sammar is sacked and burned to the ground. The Savarid Empire is defeated in Ravos and a nominal governships is re-emplaced.


The Savarid Empire undergoes its own Civil war for ascention and retreats back to its own borders. The Savarid- Asul war begins.


586 YBP

Artemin Jaeka is assassinated by parties unknown.  The alliance falls apart.


560 YBP

The Savarid and the Asul suspend hostilities.

550 YBP

The Uprising. With Savarid aid Eson and Ravos rebel and push the legions back to Oleskant. Jurin is liberated and declares it’s independence.


500 YBP

The Oleskanti Civil war is waged between the supporters of the Savarid and the Inzhar. The country is devastated with almost seventy percent of the population killed in ten years of total war.


480 YBP

Suksien attacks while the legions are fighting in Oleskant. Qualis supports the Inzhar navy as auxiliaries. Virossus marshals its forces and destroys the govership of Inzhar in their country. Independence is declared. Inzhari forces pull back to Gol after burning and destroying the settlements at long lake.


Virossus declares independence.


Suksien declares independence.


The final great naval battle of the Savar Wrack ends with a stalemate –nominally a victory for the Savarid.


Eson declares independence. Oleskant declares independence.


Ravos and Thunark declare independence.


Gartha whelmed and taken by the Inzhari Admiral----. Gartha established.


450 YBP

Inzhar seals its borders-the state itself fractured into six facets all claiming to be the true emperor of Inzhar.


The Borders of the Empire are now include only Inzhar and both Gol provinces. With Qualis as a client state.


400 YBP

the final setting of  the Royal houses of Savar have come to fruition—the Savarid Empire is reduced to its own boundaries. The constant war of almost a millennium has devastated most of the world. Communications have faltered. Infrastructures have been taxed and exceeded. Whole cities remain empty and roads fall into disrepair.


400-50 YBP

The world slowly rebuilds after this long dark age. The Inzhar are now inward looking keeping their council and interfering rarely outside of their own provinces. Energy that might have gone towards improvements are used in the beginning to rebuild on a smaller more local scale.

Piracy and banditry is rife. In the vacuum left by the Empires robber kings have set up and moved. Only the Duchies of Sakha –neutral and able to trade have changed—making it the premier technological source in the world.


In other areas universities begin to spring up. Borders are drawn and places rebuilt—a new age is dawning—but as it does—the threat of empire still exists.


10 YBP


The Inzhari Civil war has sprung up anew. This time it seems only one line will come out alive.


The Empire of Savari, and the Church of Savar produce the Craedo Valis—the Creed of The Faithful –declaring Chaos Apostate and heretical to the church but also going further—to outlaw the study of the Runes.


This provokes the great Schism with Eson and Kurwand and Asur falling in behind the Savarid—but the Sukisien, Vinossus and the middle kingdoms opposed. The Church splits into the Easter And Wester Branches. Known as Adherants and Reformers. Where they meet there is most often bloody war.


3 AP

the world is waking up—and what it sees is not as simple as good and evil or law and chaos—but rather shades of grey. The characters begin to adventure.

Inzhar goes quiet again after the Emperor Asomodean Sarabane the 2nd of Great Inzhar is killed by his own son putting the internal unrest at bay. 

4 AP

Ravos begins skirmishes with Thunark

An Army of the Dead descends from the mountains to ravage Corack

The Danalactor Cove, Abbot of Skane releases his response to the Craedo Valis calling into question the authority of the Hexarch.

Sides are being drawn in Virossus in the adherent/reformer controversy

Gartha Begins a War with the Tribes of Kurwand.

The Syden Raid kills the king of Jurn

5 AP

 Ravos invades Thunark.

Jurn begins the North Sea War against the Syden

Virossus, Oleskant and Sukisien lodge complaints with Ravos and the Hexarch regarding the invasion.

Eson lends support to Ravos in Thunark.

The Queen is evacuated to Capelis in Virossus for safety. Her twin children die when their ship goes down.

6 AP

The First Battle of the Ingen Strait. Virossus, Oleskant and Sukisien throw back the combined ships of Eson and Ravos. 

The Hexarch of Savar declares all nations apostate. The Westron Church formally breaks with that of Savar with a Battle Cleric of Amikel demonstrating the power of his god and founding the church giving the lie to the Hexarch. 

Oleskant and Ravos begin a land war called the First Mercenary War.

Gartha is destroyed by means unknown.

7 AP

The towns of Eson come under attack by a giant red dragon. The countryside is lain waste and the mountains of the temples declared off limits to all save the Black Servants.

VIllages on the High Corack Sea disappear. Corack still rebuilding after the dead, begins to send rangers west. 

Abur launches a surprise attack against the Sakha Duchies--a neural power. Vinca burns to the ground. The Grand Alliance is signed between Virossus and Sakha. Clerics of Amikel supporting the Eastern branch of the church begin to lose their powers. They are replaced in the heirarchy with the war angel Shantan who has appeared to the clerics when facing down a series of raiding parties from Qualis.  

Xeros Sarabane marries Yevosa Sarbane his second cousin uniting the power of the two most powerful Emperors.

8 AP

Jurn whelms the Sydenie taking their king and household hostage and claims the north sea as their own. Free Macha contests this as Does Gol Superior. 

The Dragon in Eson is killed.

Thunark is savaged by armies fighting across her lands.

The First Mercenary War is won by Ravos, with a significant portion of Oleskant annexed. 

Virossus and Sakha declare war on Ravos. The Western Alliance is born and routs the Ravosians from Olesakant and begins to press into Thunark.

The Savarid Empire sends an army to support Ravos beginning the Second Mercenary War. The war is ended in a stalement after one month with the opposing forces holding the new border.

The War of the Seven Emperors begins in Inzhar.

9 AP

The Savarid Empire invades Sakha.  The VIrossean fleet destroys the Aburi armada in the Second battle of the Sandspire. The Padisha Emperor of Abur dies as his ship burns down to the waterline.  A relgious war is declared by the nobility of Abur.  

In Virossus the Queen of Thunark and Archduke Emade Da Calpa of Sakha are assassinated.  The Aburi are uncovered to be the cause.

An accord is drawn to allow the forces to take the winter to consider their losses. Oleskant is one half its previous size, Thunark and Sakha are under joint Savarid/Ravosian control.

Word from Inzhar is that A-Chotor-a has fallen and the Lich King destroyed.

10 AP

Ard King Castell is assassinated.

Promise King Ban Castell takes the throne.  

The Excoriation of Dekanaw--the complete destruction of all 50 000 people in the City by Ravosian troops with support of the Savarid empire and the Hexarch. Thunark ceases to be a country at this point and the birth of the sacred cult of Thunar-Abdai is founded.

The Savarid Empire and Ravos begin a march across the continent, throwing back the forces of Oleskant. Winning the Second Mercenary War. 

The Great War begins.

11-14 AP

The Great War sees the remnants of the western powers fighting a cruel war of attrition as the Eastern Alliance overwhelms them with numbers and cruelty. 

The front is pushed back to the borders of Virossus. 

The Savarids burn Qualis to the Ground only the Rum MIracle saves the bulk of the ships who join forces against all odds with the Western Navies to block the advance of the Savarids. Oleskant is lost. 

DIanos Rubistiri Sarbane comes of age. He wins the War of the Seven Emperors and recalls all legions from Gol.

15 AP

Capelis is lost. 

The Battle of the Grain Duchies. The flower of Virossus and the remnants of the other nations face the power of the Savarids in the central farmlands of the nation.

Inzhar invades during the battle precipitating the War of Three Armies. 

The Emperor of Savar sends an offer of alliance to the Western Forces. King Castell responds with the famous reply-"Better Chaos."

Dianos whelms both armies on two fronts. The Hexarch is killed. the Thunar Abdai claim responsibility. Eson and Kurwand attack The Savarids as they retreat. 

The Savarid Emperor thrown back to the front. 

Dianos spares the Western Forces releases demons upon the forces of Ravos particularly.  The Palatine of Ravos fall to a man. 

Dianos kills Promise King Ban Castell in single combat and claims Virossus as his own. The Empire is reborn.

16 AP

The Clever Men arrive from the Island of Silence.  Inzhar falls in three months.