The Fen Witch
Episode 2

After a headlong flight from the treachery that nearly cost each man his life, the remnants of Hralmane's Legion fled into the depths of the black fens of Perkat. Up to their chests in swamp water and soon weak and feverish from the effect of the environs on their wounds the men found some small surcease under the spreading branches of a Baobab tree after hours of clinging to a log in a weak current.

Dressing their wounds as best they could--Davrit found himself sickened by the swamp borne infection of his wounds. Only the knowledge of the acolyte Kaelus and his location of the plant Feverfew brought down the chills and fever enough to keep him alive. All of them elected to leave the lance head in Petr until later as removing it completely would have almost certainly killed him. After a mishap with a patch of quicksand--leading Gniall to watch where he stepped with a little more care--the men found a broken canoe complete with two decapitated bodies. Removing the bodies and fixing the canoe--and I might add--completely lost in the fens the men paddled the craft deeper into the swamp.

After a long afternoon they found drier land and a path that led them to the village of Greenweather--a small settlement that made its living from fishing and catching crocodiles for leathers sold in Perkat.

Upon entering the Village they noted a deathly silence and the liberal sprinkling of corpses about the place. The only building that seemed undamaged was the central meeting hut--and there Kaelus noted a small boy who upon spotting him motioned frantically for him to come to the hut.

Moving towards it the other men followed--making considerable noise as they did. This attracted the attention of a huge,  scaled, reptilian monstrosity. All of the party managed to make the confines of the hut except for Kaelus who in a mad dash for the ladder stopped at the past minute and launched a harpoon that killed the demon dissolving it into green mist.

In the hut they met the village survivors including a young wise woman named Jenamee who told them that the creature would be back. They had killed it twice before.

She maintained a warding spell against it in the hut, but was swiftly exhausted by the expenditure of spirit to maintain it. She treated the wounds of the men as best she could--removing the lance head and cauterizing the wound s of Petr and treating the others--feeding them and resting them.

She told them of the Fen witch who summoned this beast as an act of revenge upon the village and told of her grandfather--a corpse seated in the hut that was the previous village wisdom until his death a week ago.
He prevented her deprivations but now with him gone only the few children and three of the twenty men who used to live here still existed.

She begged the men to go and find the witch and stop the demon.

Using the sacrifice of one of the last villagers who led the demon away on a doomed chase--the men headed north to the lair of the fen witch.

Her lair was an ancient Inzhari battle vessel that somehow managed to end up twined in the swamp growth 500 years after it disappeared from the Virossian Sea. After a desperate fight against a quintet of ghouls the men discovered the bloodless body of the fen witch over her summoning circle and five of eight statues of the demon arranged on the floor--three of which were destroyed.

The men destroyed three of the statues and the demon appeared. Destroying the shield of Gniall and ignoring the futile attacks of the other men--only the quick thinking of Gniall in smashing the last statue of the demon saved the life of a foolish Kaelus who attempted to grapple with the beast and was --at the last --staring into a tooth lined maw that dissipated into green smoke in the moment before biting his head off.

Raiding the vessel Petr and Davrit both found old armour of quality, Gniall a demon bound shield, and Kaelus a series of grimoire promising dark power.

Returning to the village, the men were healed by a grateful Jenemee and accompanied the villagers to the next settlement abandoning Green weather to the elements-A guide then took them to Salt--a village on the coast where they took passage to the great City of Delphine.

Along the way Davrit--a trader’s son--took to teaching Gniall to read and write.