The Ennobling
Wherein the crew of the Blackwater Maid assist Petr of Fjordhosue to attain his rights as Baronet of Skierry.



After the battle of the Rock, wherein Hralmane’s Rangers won, the group rested and healed on the Maid, a day out of Delphine.


Spotting a sailback, a large seagoing reptile, Kaelus and Arawn decided to take a boat out to hunt the animal and refresh the stores with some fresh meat.


During the fight, Kaelus was pulled from the boat and knocked unconscious after a successful harpooning, and Arawn grappled the twenty foot creature and working the a harpoon during a nearly fatal ride managed to kill the beast.


On deck the animal was rendered and the crew feasted.


Below deck, Arawn discovered a crewman attempting to interfere with the girl Luna in her room and broke the man’s neck with a brutal grab and twist.


Shortly after that Luna was discovered by the Suk floating three feet above the bed, the girl spoke only Petr’s name and upon attendance by that worthy, she came out with a prophecy that the quest for the Helm, one of the three objects of power mentioned to Petr by the angel Amikel could be found by following a man in a black robe.


Upon return to Delphine, the constant attempts on their lives were noted to have largely ceased.


Attending the Senate Building the group was led into the meeting floor where the patents of nobility were read and almost confirmed when the Baron of Garth stood and called out the Raina—a traditional challenge of arms to contest the appointment of a new noble whose quality at arms was unknown.


Spotting a priest of Savar, A man by the name of Father Garret who was attending to petition a mission to the village of Athling to combat a nebulous evil there—wearing a black robe, was approached and spoken to by Petr who told him to wait at the Maid for his return.


Accepting the challenge Petr left the senate hall told to return the next morning at the jousting grounds.


The King, Ban Castell, offered the use of his stable and armourers to equip Petr for the coming battle.


Returning to the docks, the party was ambushed by three of the Gol Cursus Morvar’s Dragons, in leather. Two crossbowmen on the roof of a building lead the attack while a third waited in the alley.


Detecting the ambush Kaelus hunter threw himself in the way of the bolt and took a disfiguring and nearly lethal wound to the face. Down and bleeding, Kaelus was immediately taken by the Suk out of combat. Doctor Tyros, on hand, worked to save the life of the harpooner while the battle raged about them.


Arawn and Davreit charged the crossbowmen, making their way to the roof up a wooden fire escape. When they started their climb, a third dragon, with a greatsword charged Petr from the alley.


A savage combat saw Arawn cut down one man, while Davreit took a serious wound from the other and dodged away for his life.


Petr of Fjordhouse, now sighted and prepared for combat, engaged the Dragon who gulped down the black potion called the Dragon’s brew.


In a furious match that saw the man attacking even while disembowelled and repeatedly cut, Petr took the fight, finally cutting down his opponent with a windmilling series of strikes.


The final man, chased from the roof by Arawn, was dispatched by an angry Petr.


The crew retreated to the vessel and had their wounds tended and rested.


The Suk and the Doctor worked feverishly to perfect a potion based on the Menkhare to bolster Petr for the joust. Though an excellent horseman, Petr had forgone the lance training needed and would find himself greatly overmatched.


The morning dawned with the First bell and the men attended the field where Petr was accoutred in field plate and selected a massive and powerful gelding.


The rest of the crew, in attendance, scanned the crowd for magics and ambush, noting that the priests and schoolmen had created an area that countered all magic. Kaelus and Arawn noted that the Gol Ambassador was down three Dragons, leaving seventeen present.


The Baron Of Garth took their field and the joust began. The first tilt saw Petr miss the parry with his shield and took the lance full on his breastplate cracking his ribs and throwing him from the horse.


Landing out of breath he had bare instants to stand and collect himself before the Garth, refusing to dismount, came for a second tilt.


In a desperate move, Peter parried the lance and counterstruck, smashing Garth from his mount.


Wounded badly, wheezing, Fjordhouse took advantage of the time wherein the field was cleared to be attended by his crew.


Kaelus slipped him the last of the Menkhare that shored up the health of the ailing man before the foot combat progressed.


Garth entered the combat with shield and warhammer. Petr drew two swords and strode to meet him.


The combat was a display of skill and heart not seen in Delphine since the rebellion against the Inzhar.


Against the superlative skill of Garth, and the spectacular armour and shield, the dervishlike attacks of Petr rained on metal like hailstones.


The first pass was weathered by Garth, who took the advantage on the second, using the warhammer to drive Petr to his knees twice.


The third pass has Petr in ascendance seeking to drive past the shield and armour of the Baron of Garth.


The crowd was silent at the savage and brilliant exchanges.


A final engagement saw the scion of Fjordhouse press the attack with godlike skill finally knocking the helm askew enough to allow for his blade to slide under the gorget and open the throat of the Baron of Garth.


Amidst the tumult of the win, Petr was spirited away, his patent confirmed, now as Petr, Baronet of Skierry, Defender of the Realm.


At the outer party thereafter, Davreit and Janissa attended as did Arawn. Kaelus, attempting to enter the noble quarters regarding he confirmation was rebuffed and angry, went on a massive bender in the poorer quarters of town, eventually having to be dragged drunk and spitting to the Blackwater Maid where he was doused with water until coherent and made a banner man of Skierry by Petr, Baronet of Skierry.


The ship was made fast bearing trade goods from Sakha for the City of Chatarus, and taking on Janissa as a free trader, the ship set sail with Father Garret to travel to the High Sea to investigate the evil at Athling.