The Deadliest Poisoners
A selection of the deadliest animals in the known world

Aburi Naga

Native of Abur and the most venomous snake in the world. Victims die in agony as the combination hemotoxin and neurotoxin kills within an hour.

 The Lassa

Among the most aggressive and poisonous snakes in the world, the Lassa is found in the swamps and jungles of Dis, the swamps of Virossus and in Abur. This is an extrremely swift moving snake and attacks rather than runs.

The Saghul Viper

A large and exceptionally poisonous desert dwelling snake only found within the reaches of the Sagul desert. Quick to bite, its venom leaves the victim screaming in pain. Amputation of the affected limb is the only known way to cure this poison short of the blessings of Savar.

The Hepilite

A strange six legged reptilian beast. Extremely rare and retiring , its poison is carried both in its savage bite and also in the quills it can fire from its crest. The animal is realtively small, perhaps three feet long, but deadly accurate with its spines. The poison is a virulent neurotoxin, causing a loss of muscle control which eventually causes suffocation.



The Attrox is a giant spider. Roughly the size of a mastiff, found underground in caves and in particularly dense forested regions of a tropical nature. The poison is a combination paralystic and liquifier, which freezes its prey and then begins digestion. Survivors note massive tissue loss from the bite.


The Black Sun Scorpion

A lethal scorpion found in the Sagul reaches. They never stop growing but their poison becomes less virulent as they increase in size.


The Sea Adder

A jellyfish with the most potent venomin the Known World. Instant paralysis combined with severe excruciating pain, frequently causes even healthy adult humans to go into cardiac arrest upon contact. Extracting this venom is almost impossible, but it is rumoured that some secret societies in the East have perfected it.



The Great Driver ants of Dis, with massive mandibles and a potent, painful sting, these swarming insects can strip a cow to the bone in twenty minutes.


A huge aggressive wasp native to swamp regions around the northern sea, from Dis to Thunark, to Abur, they are voracious predators and extrremely territorial. One wasp sting feels like a red hot nail driven into  flesh-a person will almost never be stung just once, as they congregate in the hundreds.