The Court of Misrule
And the Sorcerous powers Granted to Its Followers
The Court of Misrule is a pantheon of extradimensional powers marked by their capriciousness, creativity and oft times by their cruelty. They are inherently protean, shapeshifters who alter their forms at a whim. To them humanity is the source of their power, and the worship of the masses empowers them. They are not grateful for it, and enjoy the suffering of humanity as well as the joys. To characterize them in human terms is difficult. A member of the court can serve as a stern parent, wise companion, inspiring muse, towering diety, angry child, cruel puppeteer or a soul devouring demon--sometimes within the boundaries of a single interaction with them.
They are willing however, to provide their worshippers power in return for the opportunity to see the effect of said power on the world. Some are more evil than others as a rule--to them freedom and free will are paramount although whimsy and whim also play a large part of their characteristics.
The sections in italics relate specifically to DnD 5th edition rules.

The King of Misrule : Zarys

Represented as a tall red faced horned man with flames for eyes who clutches a golden staff, Zarys is the king of Misrule, the lord of creation and charity. The Master of caprice and ill luck. The changer of fortune and the prayer answerer. He is also the Lord of victory and loss and storms.

Domain: War and Tempest



The Queen of Pain: lanzahar

Wife of Zarys. She is the demon goddess of love and hate, birth and torture. She is represented as an impossibly beautiful woman with white skin and black feathered wings carrying a scourge. Ianzahar is the hearth goddess. The fertility goddess. But she is a black hearted one--her followers beleive in this central adage: " Life is pain". No life--no opportunity to cause pain. Torture can be prolonged for such a long time with healing magic.

Domain: Life and Death



The Master of Secrets: Astol

Represented as an aged man with a robe that covers a misshapen form that is hinted to be unbelieveably  grotesque, Astols face is never revealed only the gleam of a gemlike eye hides within.



The Executioner: Harn

Represented as a vast minotaurian demon with a huge axe, Harn is the master of berserk rage and massacres. Battle, rape and bloody death are his purviews.

Domain: War


The Lord of Swords: Raucha

Raucha is represented by a laughing haughty noble youth with four arms each carrying a sword in it. He represents the duellist and the tactician, the lover and the debaucher.




The Lord of the Dead: Rawvinn

Midnight hued with no features save the outline of  a vast two handed sword. Also midnight and black bat wings is the sign of the lord of the dead. He is lord of endings and can command the dead in the same way that the unlife rune does—he seems to be most mysteriously attuned to it. Rarely worshipped he is somehow distant from the rest of the Pantheon.




The Lady of Misfortune: Fyoone

Represented as a mad eyed girl with a set of weighing scales and a spindle—she is the goddess of madness and fanaticism. The moon and the stars and the deep sea.

Domain: Fyoone doesn't have Clerics. She has warlocks who have the Great Old One pact. They serve as wise-men, officiants and elders.



Lord of Hell: Karakan

Father of demons. Punisher of the guilty—corrupter of the innocent. Father of lies and liars. Represented as a richly outfitted Duke with a serpents head.

Domain: Karakans clergy are warlocks with the fiend patron.