Arawn of High Corack
Steve Cameron


A tall redhaired man clean shaven with a massive chest. He is now garbed in chain, and carries a  greatsword of exceptional quality.




High Corack


He does not know who he is. As far as he knows his life began two days earlier when he regained consciousness in the hold of a pirate vessel, chained to the bulkhead, wearing naught but a loin cloth.

Freeing himself by main strength, he discovered that while he possesses no knowledge of his name,or of his previous life, the lethal skills of a seasoned and canny warrior are still available to him. With his bare hands, quarter staff or greatsword he is an expert at dealing death to his enemies.

Assisting the remnants of Hralmane's Legion in defeating the crews of three ships, he now has a group to watch his back. They have told him that his looks and accent mark him as a native of High Corack--though of clan and family he has no clue. And something else disturbs him more...

As much as he should be desperate to know of his previous life, the white scars on his hands and the ease with which he plies his weapons has had him ask himself more than once, if perhaps he is better off not remembering.

After the defeat of the pirates of Skierry, he was approached by a woman in the town of Midwater March and told that his name was Arawn.

Arriving in Delphine, he commissioned a greatsword of no small quality and threw himself into the fray, slaying, wenching and drinking heroically.