The Order of Savar

The Most High: Var.

        Unseen and all powerful.


        Miracles undreamt of.


Angel of Natural Law: Rhiall

A man with a green wreath of ivy in his hair, silver wings and a starchart and compass in his hands.


First Blessing of Rhiall: The Holy Path

Second Blessing of Rhiall: Winged Thought

Third Blessing of Rhiall: Consecration

Domain: Nature and Knowledge

The War Child: Amikel

        Muscular and beautiful, bearing a greatsword of flame and ice, his wings are steel.


        First Blessing of Amikel: The True Weapon

        Second Blessing of Amikel: The Form Indivisible

        Third Blessing of Amikel: The Word of Banishment

        Domain: War

The Angel of Blessings: Mircea

        A middle aged woman bearing a scythe and staff, her wings are brass.


         First Blessing of Mircea: Soul Law

         Second Blessing of Mircea: Measured Blessing

         Third Blessing of Mircea: Hallowed Name

        Domain: Light and Life


The Saint of Succor: Ios

        A slight woman with a golden halo and hands that shine a gleaming white.

         Blessing of Ios: Prayer of Healing

        Domain: Life

The Saint of Good Hope: Karis

        A youth with eyes that are hourglasses.

         Blessing of Karis: Prayer of Speed and Good Travels


The Saint of Inspiration: Udun

        A blind man with a halo and a lyre, carries a jug of mead.

        Blessing of Udun: Prayer of the Senses

    Domain: Knowledge

The Saint of the Call: Lyreth

        A young saint seemingly a child, with a golden horn and a short sword. His halo is copper.

        Blessing of Lyreth: The Voice of God.

        Domain: Light

The Luminous Saint: Shantan

A beautiful androgynous form, so bright to look on, with a mace and spear, all in gold.

Blessing of Shantan: The Warrior's Prayer

Domain: Trickery

The Chosen of Unions: Weld

       The Binding Prayer

The Chosen Protector of the Helpless: Gaard

       The Prayer of Sacrifice

The Chosen of Consecration: Herth

       The Breadbreaking Prayer

The Chosen of Travel: Voyager

       The Prayer of Good Roads

The Chosen of Trade: Coin

       The Prayer of Fair Bargains

The Chosen of Tradition: Ritual

       The Song of the Dance

The Chosen of Fertility: Sheaf

       Sheaf's Blessing