The Reformist/Adherent Controversy
A Schizm in the Church of Order


The Church of Savar is the embodiment of order and human law recognized across the Known World.


It was engendered over one thousand years ago when the Hand of Savar—a prophet also called the White Hand, the Prophet Re-born and the White Prophet appeared and spoke to the warring nations of Irien and Lucastra in what is now the Savarid Empire.


Executed for heresy by the Inzhari, he was reborn and rising from the grave appeared in various other places over the next two centuries from Eson to Virossus.


He preached a message that might must be trammelled with an observance of tradition and social order in order for the greater number of society to flourish.


When they flourished, advancement occurred along a stable and increasing path.


Placed in opposition to the forces of the Court of Misrule, the Church of Savar spread from its place of Genesis about the world.


The highest Official in the Church is considered to be the Hexarch of Savar in The Basilica of Savar at Leuca.


For the past 150 years there has been tension between differing sects of the belief as to one aspect of worship.


This tension focuses mainly on relations between the church and the followers of the Court of Misrule and of the runes of the balance.


The relations against chaos traditionally stood between two poles: distaste and sorrow for the misguided and illegal followers and more commonly, death to infidel followers of the dark and evil gods.


The balance was viewed as lesser hedge magic in most of the world, but now has taken on a darker semblance specifically with the failure of the Savari to penetrate into Kurwand and the rise of Gartha to the north.


Last year –year two of the trade calendar—Hexarch Akiim Erewhand proclaimed the Clarification of the Chosen.


This virulent document immediately demonized the followers of any balance magic anywhere in the world—equating them with the followers of the court of misrule.


To whit, any good and just followers of the undivided god will not suffer a witch to live amongst them.


Unfortunately interpretation being what it is, some have taken this to mean banishment—others to mean the stake and gallows.


This proclamation was immediately protested by the King of the Suk and the nobility of Thunark, Oleskant, and Virossus. A tribune of senior Arch-bishops went so far as to break with the Hexarch and to found the Reformed Church of Savar, a move embraced by the Kings of Virossus, Oleskant and Thunark, but viewed in various fashions by their populations. The reformists have a far more moderate view in terms of the balance and push the rule of law as foremost-to look after the people. To that end while Chaos worshippers are still looked down upon as spies for Inzhar or worse, the balance is viewed as tradition and a powerful ally against the demonfolk.


This break has resulted in a long and dangerous silence from the Hexarch and the Savarid Church –now called the Adherents by the Central and Western powers..


There has been violence when the sects meet and rulers and powers are being called upon to choose sides.


Once again the world looks to the future with trepidation, from a millennium of war—there is now something grim on the horizon.