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The languages of the known world follow:
Similarity allows the skill at the indicated number + the characters intelligence bonus. So an 18 intelligence character (+4) modifier who speaks Vulgate at base 10 (for a total skill of 14) would have a 5 in Idenic or a roll of 9.
To demonstrate mutual understanding the language skills of the two parties are added together. If they exceed 20 then conversation can happen normally without rolling.
Eg: Two Vulgates speakers at 10 each would be 20 and therefore are mutually understandable without a roll.


    The language of Abur, this is a syllabic tongue --very fluid with some loan words from Idenic.
     It stands alone linguistically.
    Idenic 1 skill point.
    Spoken in Abur


    The language of the Savarids and spoken across the world as the language of the church. It is phonemic and  uses the Inzharic alphabet.
It has a 2 point similarity to Vulgate.
Spoken in Savar, Eson, Ravos, Oleskant, Virossus, Jurin


A gutteral northern tongue with a unique root but has grown together with loan words over a thousand years to provide some mutual comprehensibility with Sukisien, Inzhari, Golish and Kurwandi.
Each of these will provide a 1 point familiarity with the other languages.

Inzhari, High

The language of the royalty and church of misrule. A very dificult tongue to learn as it embraces demonic sounds and etherial tones. It is the language of demon summoning. it has a 1 point familiarity with the language of Dis.


The lingua franca of the known world. Vulgate is the common tongue of the known world. It has very little in common with the High Inzhari tongue with some loans words and simliar grammatical roots, but the differences have only expanded over time.
Universal except Dis
5 point skill in Idenic, Vir, Os
3 point skill in Sukisien
1 point with High Inzhari


 Native speakers dealing with a dialect will need to roll their language skill for the first while in the     environment due to alternate prnounciations and differing loan words and meanings.

                Trade tongue


The language of the southern tribes of the Kurwand with loanwords in Eson. A very fluid language that adapts to dialects very well. There are extinct languages in Eson and Gol that are understandable if one speaks Kurwand.
2 point skill in Sydenic
4 points in Sukisen


The ancient tongue of the Dis. Syllabic alphabets are absent any connection with other languages except in the most rudimentary manner with High Inzhari at a 1.


A combination of Inzhari and a tongue very much like that of the Kurwandi. Sukisien has developed into its own rich language of murmured tones, sing song rhythm and clicks.
2 point similarity with Kurwandish and 5 point with Vulgate.


The language of the tribes of Saghul. It has some correspondence with High Inzhari.
2 point similarity to high Inzhari.


The strange gutteral tongue of the Corackmen. it has connections with no other known language, but is spoken less frequently in the present than in the past but more remote settlements speak it.




The ancient language of the Vir of Virossus. It is largely extinct except in scholarly circles and in the rituals of the nobility of Virossus.
5 point similarity to Vulgate or Os.


Much like Vir this is a largely extinct language except in the far north of Virossus where remote vilalges may still use it. It is linguistically very similar to vir.
 5 point similarity to Os or Vulgate.


 Languages that have been developed as specialized trade tongues or with professional usage. Most are Vulgate derived.

                    Coracki Hand Cant

                    a silent hand language for raiding

                    Fail Cavar Cant

                    a very subtle arrangement of objects upon a table top that alters the
                    conversation to varying ends. ( eg: an obverturned cup or multiple coins on their tail side gives
                    the opposite meaning to the statments made.)

                    Qualis Sea Cant

                    A pirate tongue understandable by Vulgate but with differing specific

                    Oleskanti Battle Tongue

                    A series of words used to caommand complex actions on a battlefield.

                    Sakhan Trade Tongues

                    Types of street cant in the duchies with their own subtlties and