The Sea Raiders

Major Cities: Kos 7,500

Population: 100, 000

Languages: Syden

Religion: The Balance-Especially the metal, beast, and water runes

Established: loose affiliate on tribes under a high king 750 y.a.

Landmarks of note: The Hall of Borak

History: Sydenie is not so much a country as an ethnic area. Tall farmers and fisherman with pale hair and eyes the Syden raid and fish and hunt and fight and have done so for as long an any have memory amongst the craggy boreal capped fjords of their homeland. They control the trade and landings for over fifteen hundred kilometres of coastline on the Southern edge of the known world.  They collect in small villages or settlements that are largely decentralized—each spring the seed is planted and the Sydenie take to the waves. Fish or piracy is not much of a choice for the average sailor. They did a very good job of balking the Inzhar—partly because there was no army in the field to fight—just raids—but also because Inzhar didn’t give much of a damn about them when the canal was done—thinking them naught more than simple barbarian pirates. It was Under king Borack Harbad that the combined merchant fleet out of Helfane was savaged and much wealth lost. This allowed Borak to name himself high king and take tribute from the chieftains of Syden from that point on. The Syden drown both priests of Chaos or Law who seek converts in their lands.

Ethnography: The Syden are tall and very strong. They tend to light hair and eyes and dress in skins though they have a significant iron supply and can work it well. 

Geography: The Sydenie encompass the entire norther part of the machan continent from Sukisien to the West to Gartha in the East. THe ocean is cold and the snows come early and stay late.

Fauna: The fjords are rife with great fish and huge whales. The land side is known for the huge wolves and great brown bears that populate the areas. In the woods there are mammoth of huge size and ill tempered disposition.

Economy: Fishing , farming and Piracy along with hunting to supplement.

Head of State:  King Aelfire the Grim

State Type: Early feudalistic chieftainships. Multiple chiefs won by strength of arm or consensus all paying tribute to the high King in Kos.

Standard Arms: They prefer one handed swords and axes and iron shod spears. Armour is round shields and scale or chain mail along with adorned helmets.