The Masters of the Sere

Major Cities: Shikar 50, 000, Sitranuk 20, 000, Har yul


Population:  200, 000

Languages: Sukisien, Vulgate Izhari.

Religion: Balance-Each rune is a school and temple

Established: 3000years ago with the first King-Suk,

Reborn after Inzhari conquest, 500 years ago.

Landmarks of note: The City of Quartz, The Boreal,

The Eight Temples



History: Sukisien is an old and large kingdom that was successful in fighting off the advances of the Inzhar for a thousand years. They were losing but costing the empire much in the way of soldiers and material. The forested reaches and the cyclopean building fashion of the Suk were enough to balk the advances of the Inzhar legions and the power of the temples for the balance balked the chaos magic as well. In the end it was population that told. Inzhar rolled into The City of Quartz and slaughtered every last man woman and child in the city. Most of the nobility escaped as well as the balance priests and teachers---but many more were lost. Sukisien was subjugated and enslaved and only recently with the rebellion broke free. Now with Inzhar a mass of squabbling would be Emperors—Sukisien has been reborn vibrant and mysterious—the Southern tip of the world.

 Ethnography: The Suk are a civilized race. They have slanted eyes and copper skin with hair that is straight and coarse and ash to white blonde in colour. They encompass all body types and sizes. The general trend is toward adherence to family, and city with individuality somewhat of less importance. The Suk are an old kingdom and have many traditions and celebrations throughout the year. The elderly are venerated but as with any society there are more negative elements. They value a sense of personal honor called the Tau-one may lose Tau in social situations—or by being out manoevered or losing a contest. Duelling is a formal event and quite common. Often to the death.  They tend to prefer natural materials made to simple designs but of exacting quality.

Geography: Sukisien is marked by high mountains and a cold bay called the Sere. It’s main feature however is the vast boreal forest that covers most of the land cut through with mighty rivers and granite hills, Sukisien boast vast coastal forests of huge pines and redwood. The coast is wet and at times cold with the furthest reaches of the land icy tundra that thaws briefly throughout the year.

Fauna: Sukisien wolves are the largest in the world and are the heraldic animal of choice. Great bears and elk also populate the area. Griffins are seen in the northern mountains and more than one river is said to have a monster in its depths.

Economy: Sukisien is self sufficient. It pulls fish from its rivers and ocean., Has mines and vast timber reserves. It’s artisans are second to none in stone and metal working and had a substantial gold reserve that has been rebuilt after the rebellion and freedom form the Inzhar governorship. There is a standing army and landed nobility.  The coinage are the Sinsan—20 bronze to 1 silver, 20 silver to one gold.

Head of State: King Chaing Vainamaa

State Type: Feudal Kingdom

Standard Arms: Arming swords and shields. Chainmail or scale armour.