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John Kilian is a Canadian writer working primarily in the historical fantasy, pulp fantasy, horror and science fiction genres.

He is also working on a few screenplay ideas, which will be posted piecemeal.

  April 30, 2009

Got the first copy of the book. And it's up at Amazon. I'm jazzed.

Go ahead and buy a copy--Sword and Sorcery is hard to find. Hope you like my take on it.

April 29, 2009

Just sent off my screenplay for " The Bridge" to the Bluecat screen writing competition. I highly advise anyone with a script that they are proud of and want to get some good feedback from to check it out.

September 8, 2008

I'm working through the final draft of the novella--The Oasis of the Moon presently. It's been an excellent experience working with the publisher and the editors so far-and to be honest there is a thrill in seeing the stuff go to print. I love subcreation. The act of creating worlds--populating them--engaging in the discrete flow of geography, socieity and psychology that comes with it. It must be the anthropologist in me.