Sea Creatures of the North
The Beasts of the Northern Seas

Dread Serpent

Up to fifty feet long the Dread Serpent, actually a fish, is not uncommon in the Sea of Vir and the Ingen Strait. While not massive enough to trouble large vessels, smaller ones and anyone in the water could find themselves subject to a vicious attack from these beasts



The snakewhal is among the largest predators in the Norther Oceans. It is a voracious predator of sharks, fish, sea mammals and will even take smaller dread serpents as prey. Attaining a full length of eighty feet when grown they are a swift deep water predator. They do not, as a rule, attack ships unless molested.

Blood Eels

Travelling in packs in shallow waters the blood eel can attain lengths of eight feet. They are opportunistic predators and could threaten a man alone in the water. They are a delicacy for most sea going people however, and are hunted for their flesh and the thin clear oil from their livers.


averaging twenty feet in length, the sailbacks are actually reptiles who hunt the open oceans for smaller fish. They can be quite dangerous to a lone himan in a smaller boat, but are also hunted for their flesh. A soup made of their fins is a delicacy in Abur.


Also called ahmmerheads or Sea Dogs, these ten foot sharks swarm in huge numbers to bring down large prey or to decimate shoals of fish. They frequently gather about shipping route and will follow ships looking for garbage or other food sources that fall overboard.