Savarid Empire
The Holy Land

Major Cities: Yokah, 120, 000, Leucia 150,000,

Urad 500, 000

Population:  5, 000, 000

Languages: Idenic

Religion: The Savar-Adherents

Established: 3000 Years ago warring City States, 1800 years ago conquered by the Inzhari, 600 years ago full rebellion and reclamation of lands.500 years ago—succession wars completed. Empire Established.

Landmarks of note: The Tower of Yokah, The Four Colossi, The Basilica of the Savar in Leucia, The University of Savar at Urad. The City of Spires at Leucia, The Thara—the bazaar at Urad. Mount Ushas.

History: Prior to 3000 years ago not much is known of the Savari. They speak of founding dynasties and god kings but in truth their first records are of a perpetual and bloody war between nine City states for control of the continent. When the Inzhar arrived 1200 years later the fighting was still going on but they were down to five city states. All of which were turned against each other and conquered by the empire in short order. Over the next 700 years the Ideni were a slave state until the White Prophet of Savar formed an alliance with the city states and they began to work together to push the inzhari into smaller and smaller enclaves. Eventually a united Savari—for they had taken the name of their prophet and saviour, freed themselves from the Inzhari rule and began to fight a war of liberation.

Ethnography: The Savarids are of an ethnic group known as the Iden. They are pale skinned with long straight black hair and tend towards green or blue eyes. They however now, have admixtures of many different lands and groups making them at once the most diverse groups in appearance and yet the most conservative in policy. The Savarids are bound to the worship of order—they follow baroque and ornate tradition and are honour bound to it.  In the best of them it is a nobility as great as any knight of any nation—in the worst it is the moribund, self important and inflexible bureaucratic evil present in the worst of men. The Savarids follow the Church of Savar under its head the Hexarch of Savar—a position that is equivalent to one of the five saints of the religion. Its ruler secularly is a king chosen from one of the seven lineages –remnants of the city states that existed prior to the Inzhar conquest. These have branched into massive numbers of by-blow and petty noble lines that vie for favour and prestige. The aesthetic of the Savarids is best described as ornate—but within certain traditional designs. A favourite symbol is the nautilus shell, or the trefoil, or the open hand or seven-berry branches.

Geography: Savari is a huge area roughly a thousand kilometres from the Western Shore to the disputed lands of the Saghul desert, and around eight hundred from the chain seas to the borders of the Kan woodlands to the South. The majority of the area is tree dotted plains converted to agricultural land in the west. Running from North to south along the eastern edge of the continent is the Godwar Mountains, a vast area of high mountains and huge cataracts cut by many trackless and misty valleys along the western side. A chain of manned keeps run along the northern border with Abur along the Chain of Seas. The Western Coast is marked as well with ancient and ornate sea towers that watch the oceans for trouble and are manned by a literal army of men.

Fauna: The plains of Iden are filled with vast flocks of antelope and buffalo. There also the huge Savannah Lions stalk the grass lands in huge prides. Mammoth and rhino live there along with the riding lizards and land sharks. The mountains have griffins and a dragon or two. There are legends of secret valleys with huge lizards and terrifying beasts as well.

Economy: Savar is the second richest land in the Known World. It has ore mines, vast natural resources and amazing trade network and manufacturing capabilities beyond any other place in the world. The coinage is issued solely by the mint of the emperor. The denominations are: 4 Peck to the bronze, 20 bronze to a silver, 20 silver to a gold. An average peasant will make 1-5 silver a month.

Head of State: The Emperor of Savar Fandric Bal Dewar, The Hexarch of the Church of Savar: Hexarch, Eye of Savar, Lord of the Faithful, Akiim Eriwhand

State Type: Theocratic Monarchy.

Standard Arms: Knightly arms are standard, long sword, shield, morning star and chain or plate for the nobility.  Lance and horse bow are not unknown.