Desert Nomads

Major Cities: None, Settlement by the Lake of Gods Tears.

Population: 35,000

Languages: Idenic, Saghul

Religion: Balance, Hurn the executioner and the Duke of Swords

Established: No establishment—arrival 6000 ybp.

Landmarks of note: The Desert of the Serpents

History: The Saghul are a dark-skinned race of nomad barbarians who have domesticated the sand lizards as their animals of choice. They raid and ride and live in tent cities that thye can take down and move at a moments notice. They have resisted and continue to resist the Inzhari and the Savarid—living their lives the way they see fit. Travellers who arrive in their lands are put ot the test unless invited. Resources are scarce. They learn however, when the Savarids first came to the desert the Saghul were using stone tipped spears of some effectiveness. The next time they came the Saghul had steel and compound bows—all stolen from and adapted by them from the previous army. In some cases—the bows in particular---they improved them. Saghul are fast tempered and tenacious foes. However if you are under the protection of the tribe they will die to the man to preserve you from harm.

Ethnography: The Saghul are dark skinned desert dwellers with long black hair and dark eyes. Some of the tribe have been subsumed into the Savarid Empire but most are still free in their fastness. They follow powerful Sheyks who maintain lizard herds and harems of multiple wives. They follow seasonal paths and are adept at the skills of riding and war. They speak of the Red Prophet and how he will come again to bring about a new age of magic when they will claim the wetlands for their own. But they are in no hurry to see that happen.

Geography: Saghul is a long desert running from south to north bounded by the Lake of Gods Tears and the Far Sea to the east and west and the Mountains of God to the north and the boreal forest of the Kurwandi to the south. There are some grasslands and mixed forest in their range –the Saghul gather once a year in the hottest part of the summer at a place called the Ten Springs to trade, marry off eligible daughters and confer about the outside world.

Fauna: The desert is rife with strange and terrifying creatures. Some not of this world. The Saghul shamans do practice demons summoning and invoke chaos magic regularly. There are legends of vast sand snakes and huge gigantic beings that prey up weary travellers. The Black sun scorpion and the Saghul viper are legendary for their venom.

Economy: Saghulk does not mint coin but has many stolen from unwise caravans and wrecked ships. The standard currency is ingots of iron or bronze –by the pound. The rest is all trade.

Head of State: No head. The High Shaman of the Saghul is called the Sand spider and the most powerful Sheyk is Omhar of the Garadat Flat.

State Type: Nomadic tribes

Standard Arms: Lance and small shield, bow and sabre. Leather is the main armour but some rich sheyk have chain mail.