Between Nations in the Known World

Allied means that the nation is a favourable trading partner and if under attack could call upon the other for aid and likely receive it.

Eg: Virossus and High Corack.

Neutral means that there is trade between the two openly, but there is no treaty for support or history of alliance between the two nations. It can alos mean that they have no real contact with each other.

Eg: Kurwand and High Corack.

Opposed mean that the nations have a history of adversarial relations and there is probably a general cultural antipathy towards the other amongst her peoples.  Opposed nations will often ally with the other side of a conflict from the nations in question. Trade is done by smuggling bwetween two opposed nations.

Eg: Qualis and Thunark

War can mean open conflict, a sessation of diplomatic relations between the two and raiding, privateering and orders to sink, capture, kill members of the nation at war.

Eg: Helmashi and High Corack.

Abur:Vassal State of the Savarid Empire

Allied with Eson and Ravos

Neutral: Virossus, Central Kingdoms, Jurin, Kurwand, Sukisien, Sakha

Opposed: Dis, Gartha

War: None



Ex-province of Inzhar

Allied: Inzhar, Qualis,

Neutral: Oleskant, Thunark, Sukisien, Kurwand, Sakha

Opposed: Virossus, Ravos, Savarid, Eson, Abur

War: None


Free Macha

Allied: Oleskant

Neutral: Jurin, Savarid Empire, Sakha

Opposed: Ravos, Sydenie, Qualis

War: Inzhar, Gol



Allied: Inzhar

Neutral: Qualis, Dis, Sakha

Opposed: Everyone else

War: Sydenie



Allied: Inzhar, Qualis

Neutral: Virossus,  Oleskant, Sydenie, High Corack, Sakha.

Opposed: Thunark, Ravos, Eson, Savarid, Sukisien

War: Free Macha



Neutral: Everyone but Sukisien.

Opposed: Sukisien

War: High Corack


High Corack

Allied: Virossus, Oleskant, Thunark

Neutral: Savarid, Ravos, Sakha

Opposed: Inzhar, Gol, Qualis, Dis

War: Helmash




Allied: Gol, Qualis, Dis, Gartha

Neutral: Sydenie, Sukisien, Oleskant, Sakha

Opposed: Virossus, Thunark, Ravos, Savar, Eson, Abur



Allied: Ravos, Eson, Sakha

Neutral: Inzhar, Savarid, Virossus, Thunark, High Corack

Opposed: Gartha, Sydenie

War: None



Allied: None

Neutral: Everyone Else

Opposed: None

War: Gartha



Allied: Virossus, Thunark, Sakha

Neutral: Ravos, Sydenie, Eson, Savar, Abur, Dis, Inzhar

Opposed: Qualis

War: None



Allied: Inzhar, Gol, Gartha

Neutral: Sakha, Dis

Opposed: Thunark, Ravos, Oleskant




Allied: Eson, Savar

Neutral: Sakha, Virossus, Oleskant

Opposed: Inzhar, Gol, Free Macha, Gartha, Thunark

War: None



Allied: None


Opposed: Everyone else

War: None



Allied: Eson, Ravos, Abur, Kurwand

Neutral: Virossus, Thunark, Oleskant, Jurin, Free Macha, Sukisien, High Corack

Opposed: Inzhar, Gol, Qualis, Dis

War: None


Sakha Duchies

Allied: Oleskant, Virossus, Thunark

Neutral: Everyone else

Opposed: None

War: None



Allied: Virossus, Thunark, Oleskant, Sakha

Neutral: Everyone else

Opposed: None

War: None



Allied: Free Macha

Neutral: Kurwand, Sukisien

Opposed: Everyone else

War: Gartha, Jurin



Allied: Virossus, Sakha, Oleskant

Neutral: Everyone else

Opposed: Ravos, Qualis

War: None



Allied: Thunark, Oleskant, Sakha, Jurin, High Corack, Sukisien

Neutral: Savar, Eson, Ravos, Abur.

Opposed: Qualis, Inzhar, Dis

War: None