The Pirate Lords

Major Cities: Myria 20, 000, Trailsend 45, 000

Population: 100, 000

Languages: Vulgate Inzhari, Golish

Religion: The Pantheon of Chaos specifically Althol and Fyoone

Established: Conquest by Inzhar 2050 ya, freed 450 ya

Landmarks of note: The Trailsend Docks, the Catacombs of Myria

History: The Qualis have always been pirates, but the mistake of capturing and ransoming a young Xuris of Inzhar came back to bite them.  The Inzhar Sank the old City of Myria and rebuilt the new one on it’s foundations.  With their freedom from Inzhar as a matter of record the Qualis have set themselves up as a client state and still have very good relations with Inzhar. It is that fact alone that keeps the navy of Oleskand from sweeping down upon the several isles and the capitals of Qualis to gain back some of the goods that the rampant piracy in the bay of Emperors always seems to have happening.

Ethnography: The Qualis are a sea faring race. They tend to a smaller and darker complexions. They favour moustaches over beards and clothing of worn but rich brocades and layers. They like their weapons concealed and ship worthy if possible—eschewing smash and hammers for lighter pliable blades. They nominally follow the church of chaos but the church itself hold little presence in the place –the Qualis seem to prefer family shrines to organized worship. The possess a strange sort of honourable dishonour. Anything is allowable so long as you aren’t caught. Even if it seems obvious—the only thing that stands up in a Qualisian Court is two witnesses who have received the appropriate bribes.

Geography: Qualis is a coastal land surrounding the vast Bay of Emperors. Scattered throughout the bay are the Several Isles. Hundreds of tiny rocky promontories and pillars that could hide a pirate ship around any corner. The Only Cities proper are Trailsend at the northernmost entrance of the Shikani Divide and the Capital Mysia—a shipyard and lowest meanest docks and streets in the Known World.

Fauna: Mixed forest tending to ward coastal wetness along with sandy beaches and blue water make this a bit of paradise though it does come on amight cooler in winter—still the sea is swimmable. This provides for populations of shallow water predators , sharks, whales and seals. A riot of sea birds exists and the countryside is rife with both leopard, and wolf.

Economy: The official currency of the Qualis is the Bronze buck—worth  as much as the Inzhari equivalent. Any coinage is accepted here.

Head of State: King Oriosto Vengaris Mendobaranthi

State Type: Kingdom

Standard Arms: Cutlass and dirk, supple leather and brocade coats.