Pirates! Part 1
Episode 3

After a brief voyage along the norht coast of Virossus, the party came across a fishing boat--derelict, with an unsettling discovery on board. The crew-consisting of an older fisherman, his grown son and a boy of eight were found killed and tortured. This affected Gniall and Davrit especially.

Pulling into the duchy of Midwater March, the party was taken to the Duke of Midwater who asked that--as iron guild members--they escort his eighteen year old daughter Cassianna to Delphine to have her serve as lady of waiting at the Sun court of the King.

It also turned out thyat the girl--an especially beautiful one--was, smitten with the priate of Skerry--called Damien. Though the men were smart enough to take an overland route, the girl possessed a magic mirror and gave away their location.

Arriving in the town of Codtree they met with an ambush that saw Damien run off with the girl--even though she--having seen the torture and death of the people of Codtree was no longer smitten.

The men fought and slaughtered the crew of the ship Narwhal on the shore , but could not get to the boat taking the girl and Damien to the Blackwatrer Maid, a large pirate barque.

Taking the Narwhal the party set sail in pursuit. Using the ocean maps fouind in the possession of the Fenwitch--they made good time only to be ambusehd by the third of Damien's ships, the Red Thrush. Decimating the crew they took a prisoner and found one who had freed himself. A huge Corackman who seemingly has lost his memory.

With his aid they slew the Red Thrush crew and scuttled her.

The prisoner directed the ship through the mass of rocky fangs that is Skierry and took the Blackwater Maid by surprise. The skeleton crew left aboard fought fiercly wounding each. It was on the deck of the Blackwater Maid that Gniall of Sydenie met his wierd. Slipping on the bloody deck his shield fell as his opponents axe crashed down in a brutal hit that sheared through mail and flesh and bone to end his life.

Enraged , the rest of the free company cut down the crew and took possession of the Blackwater Maid and now stare out from her to the shore of a bleak and fogbound isle.

Wounded, exhausted and grieving--the free company stands poised to throw themselves into the breach again.