Pirates! End Game
Where our heroes finish the reign of the black pirate of Skeirry and uncover a foul plot involving most divers powers.

In the sacrifice room of the red hag of Skierry, the group stood facing the three sword demons summoned by the flick of an emperors hand.

Eight feet tall, covered in black metallic scales limned with a lambent green flame, and bearing grey swords covered in strange spidery script the demons stood hunched for action.

Kaelus, who had fallen attempting to use the shield of four to stop the summoning, knelt in front of the three, while the rest of the group hovered by the door.

In a flash, Davreit moved to engage, while Kaelus got to his feet.

The demons moved like three lightning bolts moving to attack. Kaelus threw himself towards the remaining eight mirrors on the wall, while Davreit used all of his preternatural speed to throw himself bodily out of the maelstrom of blades that descended upon him. For the first ime in his life as a fighter, he was not quite swift enough. Only the rune wrought breastplate and guards that he wore kept the demon blades from his vitals, but just the same it was his blood that hit the stones.

The Sword of Fjordhouse strode forward then, engaging one of the demons that pressed Davreit. The interplay of weapon of weapon was almost two fast to follow, but what was visible, was a clash of perfect form, and brutal precision. In a flash, the demon was thrust through the maw and disappeared in a flash of green flame, but not before the cutlass in Petr's hand was damaged beyond repair.

The demon that had trouble Kaelus, left off the battle and both switched partners, one on Davreit, the other on Petr in an eyeblink.

At this point the Suk essayed to throw a dagger into the conflict, missing as the beast swayed out of the way. Kaelus smahed on of the mirrors before spying a familiar visage in another.

In combat the Corackman and the Suk ran to assist Davreit who now was recieving cuts at will from the beast, begin forced steadily backwards, the massive strength of the creature telling even through the ensorcelled armour.

Kaelus, pocketed two of the other mirrors then ran to engage the demon on Petr.

Ringed about by the Corackman, the Suk and Davreit the demon still sent blistering cuts at the men, parried and voided by weapons that began to chip and crack under the onslaught.

Massive damage from the Suk using his warhammer weakened the beast throwing it off enough, so that Davreit, desperately, could thrust home with the rapier, slaying it.

It was in the final moments of that fight that Peter of Fjordhouse, in a desperate move, broke the neck of the last one with a savage kick.

Picking up the six demon swords, the crew moved to a secret door detected in the wall by the Corackman.

Finding the remnants of ships crew who refused to join the pirate bretheren, Davreit freed them.

Meanwhile, Petr of FJordhouse, after smashing the four mirrors still on the wall, fell into an epileptic siezure that lasted a short while. When he awoke, his eyes were turned pitch black, and he was blind.

One of the prisoners, a priest of Savar, took him aside to counsel the distrought and angry warrior. WHen he returned his mien, still blind, was changed--more thoughtful--less angry.

The Suk as well saw to the comfort and well being of the swordsman, while the others pludered the vast wealth of the Skierry Isle.

Kaelus, attempting to increase his spiritual power by taking the Menkhare Leaf, fell into unconscioousness and was a long while in reviving.

Seeing to his well being the freed sailors began to assist in gathein booty and preparing the Blackwater Maid and the Red Thrush for sailing.

The men then found a room with the remnants of the more practical booty from the pirate rading, replaced damaged weapons and clothing and set out ot explore the tower of Skierry.

Finding much in the way of food and drink, fine clothing and trappings, the Suk opened the third floor tower room of the hag and searching her library, found 9 volumes of esoteric lore including the Hereisis of Herkatra of Oles, and the demonic Eightfold Path. The former book, upon being touched launched tendrils of barbed metal that tore some felsh from his skin--some kind of warding on the book.

After week of helaing and rest on the island, the troop elected to take Cassiana of Midwater home to her father.

Upon arrival the news of the demise of Skierry, was met with a huge celebration. The men feted as heroes.

THe Duke of Midwater wrote a ptent of nobility to recommend to the council at Delphine that the Baronetcy of Skierry be granted to Petr of Fjordhouse who, in service to the greater good took injury in the rescue of his daughter and the ending of a scourge.

As well, with the urgngs of his daughter, a ban of marriage was posted between Petr and Cassiana with the understanding that the day would be two years hence on the first day of Tradewinds, year 5 of the Trade Calendar.

The Corackman was confronted by a young woman who recognized him, and told him that his name was Arawn and he had been a guard on a Corackhip that came through a month ago.

The Suk, contacted one of his own, and in a conversation done with the rearrangement of items on a table and tapping and gestures was commended for his work and directed to make contact in Delphine for further instructions.

Davreit and Kaelus set up a smll trading concern using the Red Thrush to run goods along the Virossean coast, and the Blackwater Maid was refitted and made ready with hale crew to sail the group to the great city of Delphine.

After a lazy week of sailing, the ship docked in harbour there and all were greeted by the majesty of the greatest city of the West.

Rich, hale and men of property, a stranger , larger world now seems to wait.