Petr of Fjordhouse, Baronet Skierry
Dave Sargeant


Petr of Fjordhouse is a large man, with enormously developed limbs, giving an impression of vast iron strength. He moves with an economy of movement that puts one in mind of a hunting cat. His sobriquet amongst the guild is "The Scarred Leopard".

He is garbed in an ancient Savarid plate armour, and bears two swords into combat in preference.

Plate Armour

Swords, 1 handed




Petr was born the third son of Fjordhouse, an ancient and honorable line of Oleskanti Nobility. However, the civil wars and the Great Destruction adversely affected the fortunes of this family and by the time of his birth, the lands of Fjordhouse were reduced to a large manor home overlooking the Ingen Strait. His eldest brother inherited the lands upon the death of their father Hudek, and the second son went into the priesthood of Savar, he is now a parishman in the south of the country. Petr was never so pacifistic. From an exceptionally early age he claimed to have received some vision of a winged man who bade him become the perfect weapon for the order at some future time. The specific incident is in question but it resulted in the large scar that runs from his brow, over his shorn scalp to end at the back of his skull. Already a fast and extrmeely strong child, he threw himself into the pursuit of the sword to the exclusion of most other duties. As a result he is an indifferent rider, a poor lance and shield man, and has the basest smattering of the etiquette and manner of a nobleman. He is, however, one of the few people in the known world who could make the claim, greatest swordsman in the world, and have a chance of being right.

Leaving the manor of Fjordhouse, more becasue study could grant him no further insight into the use of the blade, he took ship to foreign lands and joined the Iron Guild. An evening in southern Oleskant doing border duty led him to Hralmane's Rangers and the offer of employ. One that was turned down at the time, but accepted a few years later in Virossus.

With Hralmane's death and the decimation of the Free Company, Petr has come closer to death that ever before and while his skill with the blade becomes ever more peerless, the voices from the angels have been silent for so long, and he wonders if his life to date, was in service of nothing at all.

The answer became clear during a siezure that took Fjordhouse after desperate battle with demons, the angel Amikel approached him in a vision and set a test before him. Fjordhouse failed the test and was blinded, though in an act of mercy the angel told him where he would go to atone for his sins and gave him the gift of hearing. Unable to see anything but unremitting blackness, Fjordhouse could now hear a conversation in the room next to him, or the movement of air currents as they slide past brick and stone. he could hear the rustle of cloth, and the sound of breaths about him.

Taken in by the smitten Cassiana of Midwater March, he has been nominated as the Baronet of Skierry and bans of marriage have been posted.

Angry and lost, yet now pensive, Petr of Fjordhouse is now on a quest to atone, regain his sight, and find his place in the world again-a world made of blackness and sound.

Regaining his sight, Petr has met the challenges of Delphine and is now the Baronet of Skierry.