People of the Known World
Folk, good and bad

Bolt, Asanda: Captain of the Blackwater Maid

Ban Castell: King of Virossus, Promise of the West

Bedrach: A Corack smith and initiate of the metal rune, creator of Arawn's sword

Berke and Fould: Street thugs of Delphine, slain by Kaelus in combat

Cassiana of Midwater: Noblewoman of Virossus, betrothed of Petr of Skierry

Caius Wyr: Ex-Inzhari Dragon, leader of the mercenary band, the hellions, slain by Arawn at the Duel of the Rock.

Cursos Morvan: Ambassador of Gol in Virossus

Damien, Baronet Skierry: Pirate and marauder, slain in battle with Petr of Fjordhouse

Du'brutha, Baronet of Perkat: Baronet of Perkat, slain at the battle of Burszey Field

Edroy: Head apprentice of Bedrach, Corackman

Garret: Priest of Savar, Follower of St. Iosa, travelling minister of the faith

Gniall of Syden: A mercenary with the Iron Guild and Hralmane's Rangers. Killed in the Assault on Skierry by beheading

Hakien: A scribe and artist of Delphine

Hellion, The: A very successful mercenary gang, all slain at the Duel at the Rock.

Hralmane: An Iron Guild commander, leader of the Rangers. Killed at the battle of Burszey Field

Idomena: Lady of Perkat, youthful widow of the previous, and much older Baronet of Perkat, now betrothed to Cyr Kartikan.

Janissa Morwand: A free trader of Delphine

Jenaree of Greenwater: Healer and Village wisewoman

Kartiken, Cyr Bardo: Knight of Perkat, traitor to his Lord, now Baronet of Perkat

Kothos Hus: A contract lawyer of Delphine, advisor to the Blackwater Maid

Luna: A Virossean street urchin, adopted by the Blackwater Maid

Quanhan: Shadowan of Delphine, street bravo and spy

Rohr, Baron of Midwater: Father of Cassiana and an old fighting knight

Red Hag, The: Advisor to Damien of Skierry, slain by Xeros to cast a demon summoning during the assault on Skierry.

Starbocke: First Mate of the Blackwater Maid

Tyros of Delphine: Doctor, Naturalist and Bon Vivant, medic on the Blackwater Maid