On the Sea Road to Chatarus

Taking ship down the Virossean Coast--after Petr of Fjordhouse was permanently cured of his blindness by accepting a quest from Father Garrett to investigate a disturbing lack of communication with a couple of villages in the interior wilds of The Greenwalk in Virossus.

During the flight--the magical charts collected by the men on their previous quests served them in good stead at facing down--slaughtering and scuttling a scow full of pirates and avoiding an Inzhari Battleship long enough to land at Chatarus.

During the final pitched sea battle prior to landing the woman--Janissa of Morwand proved to have been replaced by a shapeshifting demon who taunted Davreit with the thought that his woman was in fact dead at her hand before being swarmed and slaughtered by the Rangers.

During this action Kaelus dove overboard to save certain artifacts from the sea.

After a short stopover in Chatarus--unloading the silk and goods there and ordering the crew to make sail for Skierry--the core group set off with Father Garrett for the villages in the interior.

Along the way they discovered evidence that a large number of Inzhari dragons ahd set up an ambush. During the scouting of the ambush, Arawn of High Corack peered over a rocky incline directly into the face of two cocked and ready Inzhari crossbows.