Measuring Time

The Measurement of Time in the known world follows some differing rules depending on where you are.


There is the Imperial Standard Time, The Volk Temporum, and the Meter.


Imperial Standard Time


IST Divides the day into the following divisions 

1 day and a night =8 Watches

1 watch =3 hours

1 hour=3 Stadii

1 stadius=2 decands

1 decand=10 minutes

1 minute=30 beats


A beat is dvided into two measures for combat purposes. The First and the Second.


A half beat is colloquially called a second.


The Volk Temporum


The Volk Temporum is the standard used by most rural or uneducated folk around the Known World and was originated in the dawn of history by the first folk.


1 day=Four quarters












   1 Quarter is of varying time depending on latitude and season.


    It can be divided roughly into early, mid or late quarter


    Smaller measures are as follows:

  A reel is roughly a minute

  30 beats to a Reel

  four notes to a beat.



    This comes from the muscial measure for folk songs played in  a 4/4 time signature, with the emphasis on the first and fourth beat.


The Meter


The Meter is a complicated system in two parts-the Low Meter of the Common Savarid Followers and the High Meter of the Church Clergy.


Low Meter:


Day and Night together = 12 bells


First Bell

Bell of Fastbreaking

Bell of Midmorning

Bell of Midday

Fifth Bell

Bell of Winding

The Twilight Bell

The Evening Bell

The Bell of Grace

The Midnight Bell

The Bell of Dark Hour

The Unrung Bell


(the last or twelfth bell is never sounded as this would raise the bell number to 12 which is divisible and not a good omen numerically by Savarid Standards.)


The High Meter


1 Night and Day is divided into two cycles


1 Cycle=2 Domaines

1 Domaine=3 Bells

1 bell=5 Circuits

1 Circuit=7 Prayerics

1 Prayeric=11 Quotes

1 Quote= 13 Invokati

1 Invokati is roughly equal to three seconds

1/17th of an Invokati

is called a Charism it is the measure of an eyeblink.



So to sum it all up: The time of noon would be related in the following fashion by each of the time scales:


IST: 4th Watch, 0 Hours (4th and null in vulgate language)

Volk Temporum: Noon.

Low Meter: Bell of Midday—( Midday in Colloquial language)

High Meter: Udun’s Bell of The Domain of Angels


Most People use Volk Temporum for general time and the imperial measure for precise time.