Martial Arts in the Known World

All martial arts skills are learned and do not raise themselves with successful uses. The only way to raise martial arts is to train in them. This can be done under a teacher or using the rules for self study in the game.

Martial Arts skills can be used in two basic ways:


  1. As an adjunct roll to the applicable combat skill noted. In this case the skill is included in the same percentile roll as the applicable combat skill. If the roll is under both the martial arts skill and the combat skill the martial arts ability takes affect. 
  2. Martial Arts may be used as a lore skill allowing it to be rolled with a perception roll to determine if the opponent has any skill. It can also be used with a human lore or world lore skill to potentially know which style is being used. Once again these uses are done in a single roll with the success requiring a roll under both applicable skills.
  3. Martial arts may be applied on a roll by roll basis. If a practitioner has two martial arts skills in place only one may be used at a time on a specific combat roll.



The arts will be detailed as follows:



Area of Practice


Game Affect


Inzhari Sword and Shield

The standard skill for shield and sword fighters perfected in the Inzhari Legions and used elsewhere.

AoP: The Known World

Prerequisites: Sword and Shield, STR 11+

Game Affect: A practitioner of this skill may attack with his shield at full skill if he rolls under the martial arts skill. 


Sakha Fencing

The precise duelling art of the Sakha Duchies

AoP: Sakha

Prerequisites: Rapier, Short sword, Dagger, DEX: 11+

Game Affect: A successful roll will allow the following actions: On a successful parry the character can riposte at the parry skill. This attack cannot apply any damage bonus. On a successful roll the character can use his full skill even in treacherous or uneven footing.


Vincato Fencing

A local variety of the Sakha first perfected in the town that gives it its name. A very technical art that allows for binding and disarms usin a variety of weapons.

AoP: Sakha—Duchy of Vincato, VInca and other major cities

Prerequisite: Two weapons of the following: Rapier, Dagger, Short sword, or cloak DEX: 12+

Game Effect: A successful roll allows the use of one weapon as a parrying device. This form gives one bonus parry at full during a combat. It also grants a bonus to the character of 1% per 5% of the martial arts skill on resistance roll contests to disarm, bind and force weapons. 



The skill used by the Inzhari Dragons and actually adopted by their enemies in Corack and Sydenie. Teaches the use of two handed weapons at all ranges and defensive moves.

AoP: Syden, High Corack, High Macha, Gol, Inzhar

Prerequisite: Greatsword, Pole Axe, Long spear, Str: 12+, Dex: 12+

Game Effect: A successful roll will allow the character to negate impulse penalties for close engagement and to negate the parry difficulty inherent in these weapons. In close engagement the weapon is considered to be equal length to the opponents weapon.


Oleskanti Two Sword

The difficult art of fighting with two larger heavier knightly arms.

AoP: Oleskant, Ravos, Virossus

Prerequisite: Siz, Str, Dex: 12+, two broad, long, bastard or short swords in any combination.

Game effect: Allows the user to negate difficulties in using two larger swords simultaneously. The initial difficult effect is negated on a successful roll. So a user would --instead of having one half skill in his right hand and 1/4 skill in his left, would instead have full in his on hand and half in his off hand. Users that apply points to both hands attack at full skill in either hand.


Suk Altikka

The duelling art of the Suk.

AoP: Sukisien

Prerequisite: Con: 11+, One handed Sword

Game Effect: A successful roll will allow the recipient of the attack to have his parry made difficult. This will not work against a shield.



The crashing bludgeoning weapon art that seeks to strike through armour and defenses.

AoP: Syden, High Corack, Gol, Inzhar, Ravos

Prerequisite: Str: 12+, War hammer, Mace, Great hammer

Game Effect: A successful roll will half all armour protection against the damage of the attack. A special success will permanently reduce the armour value by a die. A critical will lower it by two. Hammer foe fighters also half the protection of weapons and shields that parry any successful hit.


Iron Hand


AoP: The Savarid Empire, Old Inzhar, Sukisien

Prerequisite: Con 11+, Brawl

Game Effect: Allows the user to use his brawl to parry weapon attacks. If the roll succeeds only the damage bonus of the attacker is done. It will also double base brawling damage.


Twist and Pull/Oxrolling/Ban Degar(Bone Breaker)

The all in wrestling and grappling "sport" of the western world.

AoP: Sydenie, Corack, Thunark, Virossus

Prerequisite: Con 11+, Grapple

Game Effect: Allows the user to use his grapple to parry weapon attacks. If the roll succeeds only the damage bonus of the attacker is done.


Eson Open Hand

AoP: Eson

Prerequisite: Con 11+, Dex: 12+, Str: 11+ Brawl

Game Effect: Allows the user to use his grapple to parry weapon attacks. If the roll succeeds only the damage bonus of the attacker is done. Doubles the damage of unarmed attacks. A successful use with dodge allows the following: Rise from prone as a free action.

Successful use with a difficult brawl roll allows for the deflection or catching of thrown missile weapons.

Successful roll on a very difficult skill roll wth brawl will allow for the deflection or catching of fired missile weapons.


Gol Speardancing:

AoP: Gol, Free Macha

Prerequisite: Dex 11+, Str 11+

Game Effect: A successful roll allows the use of a spear without close engagement penalties. It will also allow the spear to apply the impulse penalty to characters on every facng except for the back facing.


The Masters Stave:

AoP: Virossus

Prerequisite: Staff

Game effect: Allows the user to do knockback damage on staff attacks or allows for riposte upon a successful parry at the skill that the parry was done at. The riposte will not add damage bonus.


The Savarid and Abur Scholastic Styles: Castle/Eagle/Scorpion/Thunderhead/Chain

AoP: Savarid Empire

Prerequisites: Dex: 12+, 1 handed sword

Castle: Allows one extra parry before applying the -30% reduction.

Eagle: A successful roll allows an off hand or kick using brawl skill as an unpenalized simultaneous action.

Scorpion: Opponents parry becomes difficult.

Thunderhead: A successful roll raises the damage bonus dice by one step.

Chain: Allows a riposte on a successful parry at the parrying skill


Arrow Cutting:

AoP: Eson, Virossus, Oleskant

Prerequisite: Bladed weapon

Game effect: Allows the user to parry missiles at Easy for slow missiles, standard skill for thrown normal speed and difficult for fast missiles.


Knightly Arts

AoP: Oleskant, Ravos, Virossus, Inzhar

Prerequisite: Riding, Lance, Shield, I handed Weapon Skill, STR: 12+, DEX 12+

Game Effect: Allows a simultaneous action of riding and attack without making either skill difficult



AoP: The Known World

Prerequisite: Dex 14+

Game Effect: Allows for the subtraction of one impulse from draw speed without penatly--all other subtractions start at the -1 impulse and reduce skill as normal.