Kaelus of Thunark
Ken Barton


Kaelus is a man of average height and weight. This is the only normal looking thing about him. His face is ritually scarred and tattooed, his nose brow, cheek, and ears have multiple piercings.  He has recently taken a disfiguring wound to his face that has severely scarred him.

He continually scars himself with small cuts on his are arms. His armour of choice is a mismatched set of scale mail and hard leather. He carries a brass hilted cutlass and a number of throwing daggers. He has recently had his father's harpoon remade.


Swords, 1 handed




Kaelus is a sailor and whaling man from the coastal country of Thunark. The tolerance of Thunark extends to the various remnant cults of Chaos that have been continuously worshipped in the land since the fall of Inzhar.

Kaelus's family were cult members and he was raised by his mother, a wise woman of the cult in the secrets of misrule. His father taught him to heft and throw the great whaling harpoon and how to read the waves.

Upon adulthood, passing his manhood rights, Kaelus took the small sailboat he was given to conduct the test and simply kept sailing.

Discovering a penchant for damage and causing pain, he kicked around mercenary camps and military actions , gaining no small skill at arms, before hooking up with Hralmane's Rangers.

Hralmane himself called into question the wisdom of having the erratic cultist aboard, but he couldn't deny the man's unholy luck.

It was Hralmane who gave him the name, "Pain." It has stuck.

Kaelus is now a banner man of Skierry, and half owner of the trading concern developed out of the retrieved ships of Damien of Skierry.