The Kingdom of the Locks

Major Cities: Helfane 27,500, Sumoss 70,000

Population: 250,000

Languages: Jurin Sydenic, Vulgate Inzhari, Idenic.

Religion: Church of Savar, Court of Misrule

Established: Inzhari Conquest and settlement 1700YBP

Landmarks of note: The Locks of Jurin

History: Jurin is a country formed out of a previous conquest by Inzhari legions who took the place, settled their men and began building the great locks that allow access to the Jurin divide, a series of lakes that link the Savar Wrack and the Ice Wrack. During the great wars it switched side s a number of times , with internal strife high. Most folk can trace family back to Inzhari soldiers and loyalty to the Dark Empire was high for most of the war.

The Hand of Savar, her greatest prophet, did appear in Sumoss and now the square of dolorousness is a minor pilgrimage for Savarites. Now the entire country, free in 500 ybp, has settled into a calm feudal state with the base measured in boats and coastland, the nobility called Sea Knights.

Ethnography: The Jurini are equally Syden and Inzhari, having bred together for almost two millennia. They tend to be tall and broad, with brown hair and green or grey eyes. Blonde hair is a sign of ill favour, though it is not uncommon throughout the kingdom. Men grow huge beards by preference as a manhood rite and braid and adorn them in a fashion at odds with their normally stoic nature.

 Geography: Jurin really consists of two major cities that bound either end of an immense system of locks and natural lakes that runs between two steep sided and wildly forested bays. The temperature in the northern bay runs to warm temperate, while the southern bay is medium temperate but is exposed to a cooler current from the south making the winters harsh though short.

Fauna: The fjords are rife with great fish and huge whales. The land side is known for the huge wolves and great brown bears that populate the areas. In the woods there are mammoth of huge size and ill tempered disposition.

Economy: Fishing , farming and trade along with hunting to supplement.

Head of State:  King Mardos Fangessarn the Heavy

State Type: Feudal Kingdom based on Coastland. The King controls the area entire, but is balanced by the Duke of Sumoss and the Duke of Helfane, both of whom have control of the teminal locks.

Standard Arms: They prefer one handed swords and axes and iron shod spears. Armour is round shields and scale or chain mail along with unadorned helmets.